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If the palm of your hand itches

If you scratch your palm, then to get rid of this unpleasant symptom, you must understand the nature of this sensation and know the causes of its appearance

Itching of the skin is an unpleasant sensation on the skin that causes the desire to scratch and in some cases tear the affected skin areas.

Itching of the skin is of two types:

acute or chronic;

- local or generalized.

Frequent scratching leads to skin inflammation,its redness and suppuration (infection can penetrate into damaged areas). Your palm is scratched - this is especially true, as the hands are often traumatized, and the microcracks and combs easily penetrate the infection.


Itching appears as a result of cascading of neuro-reflex and humoral reactions. It occurs as a result of various factors. The most common causes of local itching are:

- frequent drying of the skin (senile itching);

- infections that affect the upper layers of the skin;

- allergic reactions to a certain specieseffects (from digestive intolerance (spicy dishes, mushrooms, smoked products, pork, etc.) to medicines (sulfonamides and antibiotics)), changes in ambient temperature (thermal itching and cold), insect bites, touch of plants, etc.);

- In children, itching is accompanied by a rash on the skin;

- parasitic effect (itchy scalp, anal opening and genital organs (a consequence of diseases such as hemorrhoids, helminthic invasion, prostatitis)).

Often, when the palm of your hand itches, along with it appears the itch of the foot, feet, other parts of the body. This phenomenon is called generalized itching.

Causes of generalized itching:

- liver diseases, which result in such diseases as hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice, diabetes mellitus, hepatitis;

- diseases of the endocrine system;

- stress;

- itching of pregnant women;

- senile itching;

- reaction to perfumes and deodorants;

- blood diseases (leukemia, lymphogranulomatosis);

- Some oncological diseases (malignant neoplasms);

- Xeroderma (a kind of ichthyosis, which is characterized by roughness and dryness of the skin with the presence of calyx on the surfaces of the extremities and buttocks);

- mental disorders (a consequence of neuroses, diencephalus, manic-depressive psychosis).

The feet and palms can also be itchy due tobiliary cirrhosis, as well as with kidney problems. Unfortunately, the nature of the itch may be different, so the true cause can only be told by the doctor.

Treatment of skin itching

Itching is not a disease, it's just asymptom of the disease. Therefore, only after a thorough diagnosis the doctor can choose you individual treatment. But for easing itching, there are the following methods:

- cold shower, compress, wet towel. In general, it is recommended that the itching be affected by cold. Do not just forget that prolonged exposure to moisture can adversely affect the skin in allergic diseases;

- lotions based on menthol and camphor (since they have anesthetic effects, cool and soothe the skin);

- antihistamines (creams and ointments);

- the most important thing: during treatment avoid exposure to heat, sun rays and physical restarts;

- Wear clothes only from natural cloth, which loosely adheres to the body (good advice if the feet and palms are itching constantly).

Prevention of skin itching

In the prevention of skin itching, the following tools are used:

ointments and tinctures;

- gerbil;

- ointment from calendula;

- Avocado and almond oil (rubbed into the skin);

- juice of aloe (gives a soothing effect).

Itching of the palms can be reduced by taking sedatives (if it is caused by neurogenic causes). If the palm of your hand is very itchy, try to stop using gloves for a while, perhaps the reason is in them.

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