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What does the earring in the left ear mean to a man?

It is commonly believed that putting on jewelry -destiny of women. But if we dig into history, we will notice that even from the ancient times men freely wore chains, rings, bracelets and even earrings. For different times and peoples such accessories could have quite conflicting meanings. Today, in the 21st century, fashion piercings fit democratically. Earrings are worn by both women and men. At the last it is accepted to wear an earring in one ear, but it is easy to meet and the guy who wears similar ornaments and a pair. Today we will talk about what the earring in the left ear means to a man, as indicated by the earring in the right ear and whether it is possible for representatives of the stronger sex to wear two earrings simultaneously.

The historical significance of earrings in men's ears

Decorations of this kind were worn in antiquityto show their belonging to this or that class. Earrings worn by men back in ancient Egypt. This meant that this person has a high rank and should be treated accordingly. In Rome, there was a reverse situation. The pierced ears of men meant only that he was a beggar and belonged to the lower classes. However, the centurions and the military joyfully pierced their nipples and inserted rings, this was considered a sign of courage and courage, so this piercing was worn with honor.

means an earring in the left ear of a man

Opponents of church law

The thirteenth century was marked by the fact that the churchintroduced a ban on any piercing of his body, respectively, opposed to the fact that men wore earrings. This was due to the fact that God created us as we are, therefore, wanted to see our bodies in their original form. Intervention in the form of its deformation was considered disobedience to God's will. But, in spite of this, some castes of people allowed themselves this. For example, thieves pierced their ears just as a sign of contradicting church statutes, and showed in this way that they belong to the "scum" of society. Did not listen to church orders and pirates. From time immemorial, they were made to wear such an accessory in order to win the ship. The custom is clearly traced in historical films or even cartoons about pirates. We see one of their bright representatives on one wooden leg, with a parrot on his shoulder and an earring in his ear.

earring in the left ear of a man means

Does the piercing improve vision?

Earring in the left ear of a man means that hecan be a sailor. This tradition has even some medical basis, and it has survived to this day. It was considered from ancient times that people with pierced ears see better, and this is a very useful quality for a person in the sea. Until now, some physicians tend to the same opinion, but their assumption has no scientific confirmation and is not proven through research. So the truth of this fact can only be guessed. But if you see a representative of the stronger sex who wears such a piercing, and you do not know what the earring in the left ear means to a man, there is an assumption that he is a sailor.

Attitude to the earrings of Gypsies and Cossacks

Gypsies have their own opinion about earrings in the earsmen. Because of the nomadic life and not always good sanitary conditions of living, young children often died. Then the second child was pierced with an ear almost immediately after birth. It was considered an amulet. The gypsies thought that this way they would fence the second child from the fatal fate of the first-born. It is this protection that means one earring in the left ear of a gypsy man. Most often this is a simple small ring, which he wears from infancy.

Cossacks approached such a male decorationquite the other side. The earring in the man's ear meant that he had either his only son or his last living child with his father. Traditions required that such a man should be treated more carefully than others: do not punish severely, do not give unbearable work, do not send to fight with a fatal outcome and in every possible way save, if such an opportunity is present.

means one earring in the left ear of a man

The popularity of earrings among men of different nations

In general, in many countries of the ancient worldseveral values ​​of piercing in the male ear: it was a guard against dark forces or an indicator of masculinity and courage. After all, if a person was able to endure pain when piercing, he could endure much and stand up to all the difficulties and dangers that lie in wait for him.

Earrings were worn by men-Slavs, who were going to fight. Their girls and wives gave them their jewelry, which they had to wear as an amulet.

Ears and representatives of the subculture of the hippies pierced. They did not know what the earring in the left ear was for a man, and what was in the right ear. Young people pierced themselves everywhere in honor of having free thoughts and liberties about life in general.

Later, ears pierced and fans of heavymusic. Even today, you can freely find guys playing rock, who have pierced ears. They like to wear heavy iron accessories, equipped with thorns and thorns.

which means an earring in the left ear of a man

Earring in the left ear of men: what does this decoration mean today?

It's not difficult to notice, even if we talked aboutearrings in the ears of men before, it was mentioned that it was put in the left ear, and this is far from a coincidence. It is commonly believed that the earring in the right ear of a young man is of very intimate importance. This symbolizes his belonging to the sexual minority. In simple words, he is gay. Representatives of non-traditional sexual minorities can wear earrings and pairs, so as not to attract excessive attention to themselves and avoid convictions from others. So if you meet a guy who wants to take a piercing and does not know what the earring in the left ear is for a man, and what's in the right, take the trouble to explain it to him so that later he does not get into an embarrassing situation.

earring in the left ear of men that means

Today, an earring in the ear of a man does not surprise anyone. They are made by creative people who want to show their individuality, or the stars of cinema and variety. I would also like to mention bikers who also like to decorate their body with piercings. Earrings are worn by representatives of such subcultures as Goths or Emo. In the end, pierce the ear can any man who wants to look unusual.

Now you know what the earring in the left ear means to a man. Wear piercings are not only beautiful, but also right!

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