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Glue B-7000 for gluing the touchscreen: instruction manual

The development of mobile communications is unprecedentedpace, and in this regard, there are new gadgets. The consumer increasingly buys communication devices with a touch screen, models with control buttons are left unattended, the need for them is getting smaller. The concept of "touchscreen" is included in the conversation, and it is required to know what it is and how B-7000 glue is applied in novelties of electronic mobile technology.

What is a touchscreen?

In our language the lexeme appeared from the merger of twoEnglish words touch and skreen, which means the screen that responds to touch. Such sensory monitors are encountered by the city user in different places. You can withdraw money from the ATM by using a sensitive screen, get help, make a call to a friend on your mobile phone. All this requires actions related to sensory perception of technology. There is a response to touching the screen area, a signal is received to perform a certain action in accordance with the rules of the program.

adhesive b 7000

Today the answer to the question about the touchscreen may beany novice user. Some people can start replacing such a sensitive device on the phone themselves, for which they apply B7000 glue. Instructions for use of this product are in the package. Before use, it must be carefully studied.

Description of the substance

Chinese glue B-7000 new generation based onepoxy resin and with a gel consistency is used to repair damaged and replace new touch screens, as well as display modules on mobile communication devices. Transparent adhesive works in a manner similar to double-sided adhesive tape, but it holds more firmly and is easy to dismantle when reinstalled.

Adhesive B-7000 creates an elastic film thatHas anti-vibration characteristics due to its soft consistency. The material layer is waterproof, therefore it can serve as a kind of waterproofing. In addition to using mobile devices for repair, it is used for gluing handcraft, ceramics, glass, metal, wood, natural and artificial leather. Connections of fabric, stone, polyvinyl chloride materials, nylon, porous surfaces are strong and durable. The glued surfaces of plastic, rubber, paper, and bamboo are reliable.

glue b 7000 user manual

Rules of work with glue

The setting time is about six minutesfor connection to B-7000. Glue-sealant for gluing the touchscreens completely hardens after 1-2 days (24-48 hours). To store it is recommended in conditions of ambient air temperature from 10 to 28 ºС. For proper fixing of surfaces, it is necessary to take into account such moments as:

  • Before use, the substances are introduced to the instruction;
  • check the action in a small area;
  • when used, the product must have a temperature of up to 18-35 ° C;
  • The surface of the part is degreased before gluing and evenly covered with glue;
  • the substance is squeezed out as it is expended from the hole;
  • contact with skin and eyes irritates;
  • because of the pungent odor, it is recommended to work with it in a well-ventilated room;
  • if there was a hit on the mucous membranes, they are washed with a large amount of water;
  • Store the substance better in places where there is no access for young children;
  • It is not recommended to use glue after the expiration date.

Subtlety of application

These are the basic rules regarding howuse glue B7000. The instruction for use reveals some more nuances of work on joining surfaces, although the general rules are similar to using any other glue. After applying a certain amount to the glued places, the product should begin to dry a little - so it will be possible to protect it from leakage and getting into unnecessary niches with a slight pressing force. To avoid the appearance of smudges on the screen, you need to wait about 30 seconds.

b 7000 adhesive sealant for gluing the touchscreen

Sometimes there are troubles, and glue after allseeps out of the boundaries of the parts to be glued. But this is removed very simply in the case of the B-7000. Glue-sealant is easy enough to roll with your fingers, it will separate from the surface and turn into a ball. At the site of gluing, you can make a thin pointed match, toothpick or needle, this will help remove excess substance.

Do not worry that the substance gets onelectrical contacts, since dielectrics do not conduct a current, to the group of which the B-7000 belongs. Glue-sealant for gluing the touchscreen will not transfer the voltage to the phone case. Do not apply the product on wet surfaces, as the effectiveness of the connection is completely reduced. After joining the planes, they are pressed down or fixed by an improvised means, for example, an elastic band or tape, and left in this form for half an hour. After applying glue on it, put on a protective cap, so you can save the remnants of the product for further use.

Dismantling the glue to replace the touchscreen

If you know that to install the old modulewas used glue B-7000, then the removal of the used touchscreen will be much easier than with other similar means. For re-removal, the phone's glass is heated to 40 ° C, and it simply rises with a little effort. Heating should be done gradually, sending a stream of hot air slightly to the side, so that the display glass does not crack. This property of the product is very valuable in comparison with the factory analogues. The glass remains intact in most cases, which makes it possible to use it again in order to save.

Application of glue for other purposes

In each dwelling there will always be jobs thatrequire the gluing of surfaces. Since glue for glass is also a sealant, the use of this tool is not limited and will be useful in various cases. The fact that the product is absolutely non-toxic makes it possible to use it for small repairs in the apartment, for example replacing a small-sized cracked glass in the window frame or the door of the kitchen cabinet. After drying, a glazing bead or decorative rail is fixed on top.

glue for glass

Bonding Jewelery

Often for such fine workmanship usea widespread superglue that dries quickly, but has one significant drawback - it tightly adheres to the fingers accidentally caught on its way and it takes a lot of work to remove it. Multi-purpose glue for glasses B-7000 is suitable for gluing together the components of jewelry more than other means. Its surpluses are easily removed by rolling down or by sharp thin objects from the parts. This product is used not only by craftsmen at home, but also by craftsmen in jewelery making shops.

Working with real leather

Leather tight belts, expensive purse,ornaments in the form of a chic necklace, playful hairpins from the remnants of colored natural leather are successful in the market of homemade jewelry. B7000 glue is very suitable for their production. How long the leather product dries (24-28 hours) has already been indicated, and during this time other parts are made. The skin for gluing is prepared in advance.

If you want to give a flat sheet of volume, itsheated over an open flame of the spirit lamp, after which the element acquires a curved shape. Place the glueing before processing with the adhesive compound, sand it with sandpaper, then apply a thin layer of glue and allow to dry a little. After that, the glued places are pressed against each other and fixed. It is possible to fully use the product only after 30-48 hours.

Bonding of plastic and decorative clay

Unique flowers and ornaments are made by craftsmen fromdecorative plastic or, as it is also called, clay. Thin petals are glued, pretreated with acetone or other solvent. This is done to ensure that after working with the material with your hands, there are no fatty prints left on it. The finished fixed product can be used after the time indicated above, due to the fact that the glue is not toxic, decorations made of plastic clay, rings, earrings are allowed to be worn even for small children, they can also play with them.

An important feature of the adhesive is its ability to soften when heated, therefore, any decorative product can be disassembled and altered in another form, which is very important for creative people.

b 7000 adhesive sealant

Glue B7000, analogues from a group of other adhesives

A good option for replacing the ecological glueB-7000 can become a means of T-7000, also designed for gluing of touchscreens and mobile communication modules. It has a black color, which makes it invisible on the cases of dark material. This adhesive is stable when exposed to high temperatures and is not disassembled when heated.

adhesive b 7000 analogues

A convenient dispenser does not allow the excess mass of glue to stand out. Instructions for gluing:

  • carefully clean the surfaces for bonding, the product is applied to one of the surfaces;
  • after some waiting the surface is pressed and held, then after a day, and preferably two, the product is allowed to use;
  • joints do not need to be pre-heated with lamps or a hairdryer, the gluing will occur automatically after the composition has hardened.

In addition to this version of the glue, analogues can be considered glue B-8000 and double-sided adhesive tape for gluing the touchscreens.

How to remove glue from the skin?

Some people after getting the glue onthe surface of the hands try to apply a mechanical action to get rid of sticky deposits, use sharp objects that easily injure the skin. Some take sandpaper, nail files, knives. On sale there is a tool "Antikley", than to clear glue B7000 it will be very simple. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, you need to buy this drug in a hardware store before changing the touchscreen, then the need to get rid of the leftover glue on the hands will not be a problem. To do this, the product is applied to a sponge or napkin and wipes the hands or areas of the body that have been glued to.

"Dimexide" for removal of surpluses

This tool can be used to remove the adhesiveonly on hands, but also on other surfaces. A small amount of glue is applied to the stain and left for a few minutes, after which the area is washed with water and washed, if the fabric is meant. It happens that one-time use does not help. In this case, the treatment is repeated.

adhesive b 7000 how much dries

Acetone with soap to remove

If you do not have the above mentioned products at hand, butthe glue is fairly adherent to the skin in sufficient quantity, then some use acetone to remove spots, after which you need to wash your hands and soap for a long time and thoroughly. Instead of acetone use solvents № 646, 647, sold in construction stores. Also, a remover for nail polish remover works the same way.

After applying some quantity of cottonacetone on the adhesive layer you need to wait about 30 seconds, then take a sponge and wash the sticky layer, after soaping the place. Gradually the glue will leave, and the treatment ends after washing in running water. If there is no means at hand, then the glue can be washed off in warm water with a detergent composition, having dipped in the solution hands for half an hour. The composition of the adhesive includes cyanoacrylate, which is able to dissolve in warm soapy water.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the use ofGlue B-7000 is effective for gluing the touchscreens and modules of mobile equipment. Using this glue, the repairmen will have an undeniable advantage in the form of convenient work, a strong connection that will remain in the unchanged condition for a long time.

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