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Ideas about how to congratulate your husband on his birthday

The more time people live together, the harder it iseach other something to surprise. To this problematic issue can be attributed and the choice of a gift. Here are just a few options for how to congratulate your husband on his birthday.

Happy birthday a beautiful congratulation

Surprise or rally

Successfully thought out rally will be remembered for a long time andexactly will surprise your spouse. For example, ask all friends to call congratulations to your husband at intervals of exactly five minutes for several hours. Arrange for him a romantic quest, putting the first note into a container with sandwiches, which he usually takes to work. And just order him a pizza in the office, having paid a preliminary bill. If these tips were not enough for you, you can ask your friend how to congratulate her husband on her birthday. Together you will be able to develop a plan for the drawing, which will make the holiday unforgettable.

A day for two

You, like no other, know your man. Arrange him a romantic date on the roof, walk through the places that are dear to you. Since the morning, make him pleasant surprises and create various pleasures. You will make an unusual gift to a man, if you visit his favorite bar, give a trip on the most powerful car, about which he only dreams. Ride together on a motorcycle and go to a horror movie. In general, do everything that he so long wanted. Perhaps for this you do not even have to leave the house.

How to congratulate your husband on his birthday

With your own hands

Even the most severe person will melt if youread him a poem of his own composition, present a postcard created by himself, or tie a cozy scarf. Congratulating your man on his birthday, a beautiful congratulation can be made in the form of a video presentation, where all your mutual friends will say kind words. If you have children, then it is also better to connect them to preparing a gift for the pope. They can make an exhibition of their children's drawings, write secret letters to the Pope, or make nice hearts from the test you have prepared.

an unusual gift for a man

Behind closed doors

Do not even think about how originalcongratulate her husband on his birthday: men love the most football, beer and sex. If in the first two things you are most likely powerless, then the last one should be considered. You can arrange a holiday for your husband without leaving your bedroom. It will not be superfluous to play a playful suit, a romantic mood and a thirst for new impressions. Do not hesitate to dance a striptease - your beloved will definitely appreciate such a gift. In addition, this is an extremely budgetary option.


If thoughts of a gift torment you for a long time, andthe solution is not - give adventures to your man. You, too, will not refuse to fly to Prague for a weekend or ride a horse. Or maybe you want to tickle the nerves of your favorite parachute jump or just shoot with it from the bow. All these ideas are a great option for a memorable birthday.

However, such advice is not suitable for everyone. There are such men with whom the question "how to congratulate your husband on his birthday is original" disappears by itself. Just buy the most expensive gift and leave it alone. Maybe this is exactly what he had long dreamed of.

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