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Guanqin (watch): customer reviews

The clock is an indicator of taste and a status symbol. Guanqin wrist watches are designed for active people who want to control all changes, including time. They are ideal for modern men and meet all their requirements.

Guanqin watches - modern classic

Guanqin Company - Chinese manufacturerwristwatches. This brand appeared relatively recently, but has already gained worldwide popularity. Guanqin - watches, reviews about which are described below, are of good quality and affordable value. The manufacturer uses the best technologies and pays special attention to design, creating original and stylish models.

The watch is made of quality materials using modern manufacturing processes. Guanqin products have good performance. The watch is reliable and durable.

The company produces a wide range of models,which differ in appearance. Each model in its own way is attractive and original. The watch cases are carefully thought out. The dial looks beautiful with straps of stainless steel and corrugated leather.

To give refinement, the manufacturer decorated some models with stones. Most of the Guanqin collection is presented with waterproof watches with different levels of protection.

Given the tastes and needs of men, the company has created models of classic and sport design.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Guanqin products:

  1. Factory production.
  2. Availability on all watches of an individual serial number.
  3. Presentable packaging. All watches are sold in the original cardboard box. The set includes a special glass cleaning cloth, a discount card from the manufacturer, a warranty and instructions.
  4. Modern design. In appearance, watches are not inferior to models of more expensive brands.
  5. Accurate polishing and processing of the case.
  6. Sapphire convex glass.
  7. Beautiful engraving with the manufacturer's logo on the back cover.
  8. Light factory.
  9. Smooth movement of arrows.
  10. Low price.
  11. Warranty from the manufacturer 1 year.

All these advantages are confirmed by numerous reviews. The hours of Guanqin high marks are put forward.

To the disadvantages of buyers attributed:

  1. Insufficiently strong glass. After testing the watch for resistance to mechanical damage on the glass there were noticeable scratches.
  2. On some models, leashes of leatherette are used. They spoil the appearance - the product looks cheap.
  3. Weak anti-glare of glass.
  4. Inaccurately glued figures. If you look closely, on the dial of some watches you can see traces of spreading glue.
  5. They often break down. Some buyers consider the Guanqin brand products to be unreliable. Hours, reviews and comments about which contain descriptions of popular breakdowns, can fail even in the first month of wearing.

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Models overview

The company produces different models of wristwatches, which differ in size, shape and design of the dial.

Guanqin watches come in the following types:

  1. Mechanical clock in the automatic factory. All models have a large round stainless steel case. The strap can be leather or in the form of a metal bracelet. The watch is protected against water and shock. Possible functions - backlight, perpetual calendar, lunar phase, autodata, full calendar.
  2. Quartz watch. This includes models that operate on batteries. Guanqin (quartz watch), reviews about which are mostly positive, do not differ in performance from mechanical models. The round dial is made of durable waterproof materials. The clock mechanism can have a stopwatch, a full calendar.

According to the style of performance, the manufacturer producesSports models, everyday chronometers and luxury watches. The latter include the watch Guanqin Tourbillon on the automatic mechanism Self-Wind. The model has an unusual design. The case and dial of the watch are decorated with gilded elements. Model Guanqin Tourbillon is available in blue, black and white colors.

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Watch Relogio Masculino Guanqin

The feedback of many buyers concerns this model. Relogio Masculino watches look stylish and prestigious.

The peculiarity of the model is the presence of original functions. The chronometer shows the complete calendar and date. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal.

The watch is produced in dark colors. Leather straps perfectly match with the dial of one shade, which is decorated with golden arrows and numbers.

The diameter of the body is 4 cm. The length of the strap is 24 cm.

The watch is waterproof at a depth of 100 m. The tests confirmed the strength of this model. The housing can withstand frost and mechanical stress.

The clock mechanism functions without delay. The arrows move smoothly and accurately.

Model Relogio Masculino works on batteries.

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Cost of Guanqin watches

Practically in every online store you cansee products Guanqin. The watches, which are confirmed by the popularity of the products of this brand, are easy to buy. The manufacturer earned fame thanks to the good quality of watches and their low cost. So, the price for Guanqin products, depending on the model, is from 2.5 to 8 thousand rubles. The average cost of such watches is 3,500 rubles.

For example, simple everyday quartz watches formen cost about 3 thousand rubles. For a multifunctional model with a metal strap, you need to pay a little more than 4 thousand rubles. The price for chronometers of a class lux makes about 7,8 thousand rubles.

Many men after inspecting the products of famous brands choose Guanqin models. Hours, reviews of which contain comments about low-cost models are available to everyone.

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Responses of owners of hours

Products Guanqin enjoy special popularity in the domestic market of watches. Men of different social status with confidence acquire models of Chinese production.

Most left positive comments. The hours of Guanqin were attributed many pluses. Customers liked the design of the case and packaging. They also highly appreciated the quality of the products. According to the opinion of the watch's owners, in many respects the products are not inferior to the more famous analogs.

There are customers who did not like the watchmen's firms Guanqin. The reviews concern the strength of the glass and the reliability of the watch movement. It happens that the clock breaks down in the first days after purchase. Some were unhappy with the leatherette straps.

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