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Pocket watch - a stylish present for the holiday

Pocket watches are quite an exotic accessory. They are certainly functional, but first of all they perform a function that is not practical, but aesthetic. They seemed to have been created for designers, engravers and jewelers to perfect their skills.

pocket watch

Pocket watches are much more interesting and originalwristwatch. Such watches were a special fashion in the 18th century, and today quite a few manufacturers turn to their creation. This watch has a very large body, which allows you to experiment with their design, and actually with the mechanism, if necessary, complicating it.

It is believed that the first pocket watch appeared in1510 year. They were invented by the German master Peter Henlein. But then they were not yet really pocket, because they were worn on the neck or on a chain attached to a camisole. This watch resembled a bulb in shape, so they were called Onion Watch.

In the 18th century, the clockwork of smalldimensions, which made it possible to make the clock so that they fit easily in your pocket. In the future, with the advent of wristwatches, the popularity of pocket computers has not declined. By the way, such watches influenced even fashion in clothes: to make them comfortable to wear, they began to sew special vests with a separate breast pocket for them.

pocket watch with a fight
Until the middle of the 19th century, pocket watches startedby means of a key connected by its square hole with the shaft of the drum for the time of the plant, and for the rest of the time it was stored together with the clock on the chain.

In the 19th century pocket watches of a new kind- Hunter (in Russian, "hunter"). They were round, flat, with a lid. They have come down to our time. Now, such watches are divided into Savonette (they are also "gunters") and "Lepine" ("lepin"), differing by the presence of a cover over the dial. "Lepine" is protected only by glass, and "savonet" has a special metal top cover, which makes them more practical. There is another kind of mechanism - Half-Hunter. It provides a small window in the lid, which allows you to see the time without opening the clock.

Today the choice between a watch with a lid and without is a dealexclusively taste. As a rule, a pocket watch is a gift. Such a present can be presented to the boss, the spouse, and the friend. The gift of individual engraving will complement the gift. Usually they are worn on a chain or combined with a charm.

Now you can buy both mechanical and electronic pocket watches. They are classic, sporty, simple, expensive.

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Prices for them vary significantly depending on the quality, design features, brand, design, material from which they are executed.

The most expensive - rare, collectible. In special prices, Swiss watches are made from especially durable and expensive materials, using individual mechanisms.

They all differ in their original design, interesting form, they have something exceptional (for example, a pocket watch with a fight).

Such a thing perfectly complements the image of confidentin themselves people who have good taste and who have found their own style. As before, we have pocket watches "Molniya" of the most famous domestic manufacturer.

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