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Watch Shark Sport Watch: models and their description

Recently, great popularity of steelbuy a watch Shark Sport Watch, but before you decide to buy, you need to consider in more detail what models of this manufacturer are. It turns out that there are quite a few models in the series, so for this article three were chosen: the cheapest, the most expensive and the most popular. After getting acquainted with what each of these models represents, you can decide whether you want to buy a Shark Sport Watch, and if so, which ones.

Shortfin Shark

watch shark sport watch

The first watch Shark Sport Watch, which willconsidered in this article, have the lowest cost in the entire model range, that is, it is a budget option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on this purchase. But even though the price of these watches is only two and a half thousand rubles, you will be happy with the acquisition, as the design of the model is made to glory. The watches are available in red, black-and-red and black-and-yellow versions, and their dial is designed in such a way that it looks bulky - this effect can be achieved using a decorative pattern in the form of honeycombs. Each sensor on the dial is designed so that the overall picture resembles a dashboard in a sports car. In general, this is a watch for speed lovers who are not ready for serious expenses. Naturally, the functions of the clock are limited, although there are still plenty of them. Three sensors display the day of the week, hour and second, and also you can activate the analog time. This Shark Sport watch is quartz and battery operated. The main hands of hours and minutes have phosphoric illumination.

Whale Shark 2

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It's time to take a look at the most expensive watchesShark Sport Watch - the instruction for their adjustment is useful to you, since they have a lot of different functions. But to begin, of course, costs from the price - the cost of this model is 5800 rubles, which is more than twice as expensive as the previous version. What is the difference between this watch?

"Whale Shark" has a much more serious andstylish design, but this is not the main thing. The fact is that to all the functions available in the previous model, there is still a huge amount added. The dial has two time zones, that is, you can set the time at once for two time zones. Also these watches are waterproof and suitable for deep diving - with them you can swim at a depth of even thirty meters. They have an incredibly accurate chronograph that you can use to record your results on the road, under water, on a treadmill or elsewhere. In general, this is a product, which definitely worth paying attention to, if you are willing to spend a similar amount to buy sports watches.

Tiger Shark 2

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Well, the latest model, which will be discussed inThis article is the second generation Tiger Shark. These watches cost four thousand rubles and are the most popular in the entire model range. They combine a serious stylish design, but it is more functional and less catchy than in previous cases. Many people ask how to set up the Shark Sport Watch, because unlike standard models, there are so many different functions - up to two dials for different time zones. In this case, you have four buttons - the upper left allows you to set the date, the bottom left one is the time, the bottom right is the alarm clock, and the upper right has different functions. This is an innovative button that allows you to use the clock as a stopwatch, switch the screen to LED-backlighting and so on.

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