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Dreams about lost time, or What does the clock look like?

Always and at all times the clock was a symbolcounting time, its flow. On the one hand, for each of us in life breaks its hour, but on the other - the happy do not watch the clock. One way or another, but this subject is still endowed with special mystical qualities. In our dreams, watches also play a significant role. What the clock dreams about is the topic of today's article.

why does the clock

General interpretation of sleep

Basically, all dreams involving watches tell us aboutthat we are rather careless about time. As long as we kill our time, it kills us! This simple truth is laid in the basis of almost all dreams of the clock. You need to think again and revise your goals in life. Competently manage the time you have been given. Well, now let me move from general to particular.

what does the clock on the wall look like

What does the clock look like? Dreamer Gustav Miller

  1. If you are contemplating a clock face in a dream, then in life all your efforts will be in vain.
  2. Break the glass on the dial - to frivolity and bad companies, and to break the accessory itself - to the troubles and losses.
  3. Dreams in which you lose your name hours, mean misfortune in your family.
  4. If you are a thief, that is, you steal another's watch in a dream, then be afraid of waking your opponents who try to tarnish your reputation.
  5. Give them? Expect trouble.
  6. Can you hear the clocks of the wall clock? Prepare to get bad news.
    what is the use of giving a watch

Family dream book: why does the clock

  1. Wall clocks are a reminder that you forgot to do something very important.
  2. If they do not go in your dream, then your time is wasted.
  3. Wristwatch with a gold bracelet is shot to a good profit. If you lose them, waste your valuable time.
  4. In a dream, always wear a watch or look at the time? In reality you will be visited by a very important person.
  5. If you start them, then in reality you will work very hard. Only in this way can you get the desired return.

What does the clock look like? Sonny Hasse

  1. If you dream in a dream, then in reality you do something not quite right. Change the strategy and, regardless of someone else's opinion, go to the goal.
  2. If you break them in a dream, then beware! Tragedies and losses are coming.
  3. The watches stolen from you are a sign of a tarnished reputation and a break in your honest name.
  4. What do you think, why dream of giving a watch? The dream interpreter Hasse gives such a dream his own interpretation: you will be beset with a string of troubles. Try to understand who you are giving them to. If this person turns out to be familiar to you, then beware of him. He is the source of future troubles.

Dream of Juno: what does the clock

  1. If you hear the fight of the clock, then great happiness awaits you! Rejoice.
  2. Sung wrist watches are harbingers of the fact that you have very little time left for an important event!
  3. The ticking of the watch is a bad sign. Your life will not be adjusted soon.
  4. Give them to someone? In vain you do it! In reality you give your precious time to these or other people.
  5. The terrible sleep is the one in which any clock (wall, wrist, pocket, tower) stops. This is a direct symbol of death ...
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