/ Fried baby milk Friso Gold 1: reviews. "Fresolak Gold 1" and "Fresolak 1": composition, difference

Children's milk formula Friso Gold 1: reviews. "Fresolak Gold 1" and "Fresolak 1": composition, difference

With the birth of a newborn in the familythe parents are changing dramatically. Not always everything flows well and smoothly. There are situations when the mother for some reason is forced to transfer the child to artificial feeding. Nobody argues about the merits of breast milk, but there are times when there is simply no other choice (lactation, severe postnatal injuries, taking illegal drugs, etc.).

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To choose the right mix, you needconsult with a doctor and study the reviews. "Fisolak Gold 1" - food, which has proved itself only from the positive side. But, standing at the pharmacy windows, parents can not make the right choice. After all, there are several types of this mixture. In what their advantages and differences, we will try to understand the article.

What do we know about the mixture of "Fisolak Gold"

When choosing a mixture, do not forget to study about it in generalinformation and feedback. "Fisolak Gold 1" appeared on the Russian market relatively recently. The manufacturer is the Dutch company Friso. Works since 1966. During this time, the company's executives have done everything possible to bring the mixture closer to the composition of breast milk.

The mixture "Fisolak Gold 1" has the following advantages over other similar products:

  1. Full quality control.
  2. It tastes like breast milk, so the baby takes the bottle with pleasure.
  3. The mixture fully complies with WHO standards, USRDA, European Union Directives and many others.
  4. On the Russian market is positively approved and noted by the country's leading pediatricians.
  5. Does not contain any GMOs.
  6. When making the mixture, the latest equipment is used.
  7. There is a 24-hour hotline, which you can ask questions about.

Choosing this mixture, the main thing is not to get a fake. For this, it is worth buying products only in pharmacy kiosks.

We study the composition

Many who had to be transferred to an artificialfeeding their babies, choose "Fisolak Gold 1". The composition of the mixture is truly unique. It includes all the microelements and minerals, so necessary for children in the first year of life. The main ingredient is a split protein, which is remarkably absorbed by the baby. In addition, there is casein, which is found in breast milk.

One of the important elements are nucleotides,they are responsible for the formation of the immune system, and also positively influence the formation of nerve fibers. Alpha-acids, which are part of, provide saturation of the brain. Without them, the formation of cells is simply impossible.

The presence of iron in the mixture allowsto exclude the development of anemia and other similar diseases. In addition, this substance allows children to get rid of problems with constipation, which is important for artificial feeding.

Do you want to raise a child-genius? Then you will get "Fisolak Gold 1". The composition of the mixture is unique. It contains taurine, which is responsible for the development of the brain and circulatory processes. For children who have reached the age of 2, pediatricians are advised to purchase this product and use it as a milk drink.

fresolac gold 1 mixture composition

Also, a mixture of "Fisolak Gold" advise those kids,who suffer from allergic reactions. In its way, this is a preventive food for them. The split milk protein gives a small load to the body, and partial or complete addiction to it occurs.

Pros of this mixture

For those who decided to use the children'smixture, many experienced parents recommend "Fisolak Gold 1". Its composition is truly unique, it is as close as possible to breast milk. But, besides this, there are other positive points:

  • Fully adapted. Suitable for both main food and cereals.
  • Ideally absorbed by the body of the child, without wasting its additional energy and reserves.
  • Its composition is 90% closer to breast milk.
  • It has pleasant taste qualities.
  • Balanced composition.

 mixture of fresolac gold 1

Of the negative aspects, it is possible to single out only the high cost of production in comparison with other similar mixtures.

"Fresolak Gold 1": reviews, composition, recommendations of doctors

Before you buy this or that mixture,it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. Since every child is different, baby food does not suit everyone. Many parents choose their mix of "Fisolak Gold 1". The doctors' comments about her are only positive. It is easily absorbed by the kids, thanks to its balanced composition.

The main advantage of the mixture is thatThe cow protein in it is replaced with a serum product. Thus, this excludes the appearance of allergic reactions in children. Pediatricians note the presence of fatty acids in the composition, they have a positive effect on the development of the brain and the vision of the child.

 fresolac gold 1 composition

An important feature is the content of nucleotides and prebiotics, which allow the intestine to better digest the consumed product. This excludes the appearance of constipation, colic in babies.

Also, doctors note that the mixture is well absorbed by children, they gain the right weight.

Kinds of mixture

Before you buy a mixture of Friso, you need to know that it can be of several types:

  • «Fresolak Gold». Suitable for children from birth to 3 years. Perhaps the most popular among such products.
  • "Fisolak". Low cost attracts many parents. The downside is that it does not contain fatty acids in its composition.
  • "Frisov." Designed for children who suffer from increased regurgitation. Viscous consistency helps to cope with this problem.
  • Frisepep. Suitable for those kids whose body does not take cow protein.
  • "Frisipre". Has an increased calorie content. It is prescribed by doctors for feeding premature babies or those who gain weight poorly.
  • "Phospholac hypoallergenic." Due to its unique composition it helps to cope with allergic reactions.

As you can see, the assortment of these mixtures is sufficientextensive. Before choosing the right baby food, you need to consult a pediatrician and study the reviews. "Fresolak Gold 1" is the most popular among parents of healthy children, even despite the high cost of products.

Differences of one mixture from another

Many parents, faced with the needthe acquisition of a mixture of the company Friso, can not decide which type is better. What is the difference between "Fisolak 1" and "Fisolak 1 Gold"? The difference is only in the packaging or something else? Perhaps these are the most popular questions. Producers give exhaustive information about this. The main difference between the two types of mixtures is in the composition.

"Frisolac Gold" includes prebiotics andspecial fatty acids. They are responsible for the formation of the immune system of the baby and the development of the brain. Thanks to these components, the mixture is as close as possible to breast milk. Therefore, the price of the goods is not small.

The mix "Frisolak" is also completely adapted. But it contains only 5 nucleotides.

Leading pediatricians recommend feeding children up to 6 months with Frisolac Gold. Clinical studies have clearly shown that in babies who were given a similar mixture, immunity is much higher.

Properly preparing the mixture

It is rather simple to prepare the children's mix "Frisolak". This will take you a maximum of 2-3 minutes. Step-by-step instructions are presented below:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water.
  2. Sterilize baby bottle and pacifier. To do this, you can use a special device.
  3. Boil baby water ("Agusha", "Theme").
  4. Cool it to a temperature of 38-40 ° C.
  5. To study on the bank the recommended proportions for the preparation of the drink.
  6. Gently pour water into the bottle.
  7. Measure out the right amount of measuring spoons of the mixture, pour it into the water.
  8. Close the bottle. Shake thoroughly until complete dissolution of the powder.
  9. Feed the baby when the temperature of the mixture reaches 37 ° C.

 frisolak gold 1 doctors reviews

Many people point out that the mixture foams a little, there’s nothing to worry about.

Parents to note

If you are first confronted with the acquisition of the mixture and its use, you need to remember a few rules:

  1. Consultation with a pediatrician is necessary before the introduction of this type of baby food.
  2. It is better to purchase the mixture at pharmacy kiosks.
  3. Pay attention to the appearance of the package (it should not be deformed).
  4. Do not buy expired products.
  5. Already diluted mixture can not be stored for more than 1 hour.
  6. Bottle, measuring spoon, nipple should be sterilized.
  7. Follow the rules for storing the mixture.

These simple rules will help you avoid trouble in the form of poisoning and allergic reactions in a child.

Ways of storage

Studying parent forums can oftenstumble upon reports that the child has poisoned the mixture. It is sad, but in most cases it is the fault of the parents who do not follow the elementary rules of storage.

 frisolac gold 1 reviews composition

Mix «Frisolak Gold 1», photo of whichpresented below, is sold in a tin can with a tight-fitting lid. It is quite convenient to store and transport it. But still there are rules that you need to know:

  1. The mixture should be in a dry place.
  2. Temperature range - not higher than +25 ° С.
  3. Do not store the mixture in the refrigerator.
  4. After the bank or box is opened, the contents are used within a month.
  5. The diluted mixture should not be stored for more than an hour.

Feedback from experienced parents

A mixture of "Frisolak Gold 1", reviews of which onlypositive, is in great demand among moms who, for whatever reason, could not adjust the lactation process. Parents note that this baby food is completely balanced, has a composition as close as possible to breast milk, has a pleasant taste. Children enjoy drinking this mixture. However, it is quite nutritious, you do not need to get up every hour at night to feed a hungry baby. 2-3 night feedings are enough.

You can also note a convenient can that closes tightly. It can be transported and not be afraid that the mixture will crumble. This product has won the independent Test Purchase program.

Of the negative points can be noted high pricing. Also not very convenient is the storage of a measuring spoon in the mixture. For her, it is desirable to make a separate container.

As a conclusion

Before choosing a mixture, it is necessaryconsultation with your pediatrician. Remember, nothing can be better than breast milk, it is this that provides immunity to the baby, protects against diseases. But if it so happens that it is not possible to adjust the lactation process, you need to choose a mixture according to several criteria. The main one is the composition. Pay attention that the product does not contain harmful additives, sugar, GMOs and other non-beneficial substances. Try to feed the child with one mixture, the one that best suited him. Buying baby food is better in pharmacies, while familiarizing with the quality certificates.

 frisolac gold mix 1 reviews

Also do not forget to study the reviews. "Frisolak Gold 1" has established itself only on the positive side. This mixture is fully adapted, has a unique composition, availability. Remember, the health of the child in the future depends on proper nutrition in the first year of life. If the mixture is suitable for the baby, you do not need to experiment and look for something better.

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