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Egg powder: production, recipes. Omelet from egg powder

With the use of egg powder is prepared completelydifferent dishes. Experts have estimated that the consumption of mayonnaise, as well as sauces based on it, increases by about 12% each year. However, not everyone knows that one of the main components of the above product is egg powder. How it is produced and used in cooking, we describe in the article presented.

egg powder

General information about the product

Dry egg powder is aprotein-yolk mixture, which is actively used in cooking. The main advantage of such a product is that it is very convenient to transport. After all, the use of ordinary eggs in the food industry is difficult due to a number of reasons: fragility of the shell, problematic transportation, uncomfortable storage, and so on.

By its appearance, egg powder (recipes withit will be presented below) is a yellowish dry mass. It can be stored at room temperature, placed in a regular bag or jar, and used for cooking dishes that do not require the use of fresh eggs.

Production of egg powder

As mentioned above, dry raw materials in the form of eggpowder plays an important role for the food industry and has a number of advantages. However, the price of such a product is very high. This is due to the complex production technology, which consists of the following stages:

  • Acceptance of fresh eggs by weight and categories. Later they are transferred to the sorting site.
  • The sorting process. It is carried out to identify substandard eggs. At this stage, they shine through, and also visually inspect.
  • Breakdown of eggs. This happens with the use of a special installation. Protein and yolk are separated. The resulting mass is placed in stainless steel tanks.
  • The process of filtration and mixing.
  • Process of pasteurization. The egg mass (melange) obtained during processing is first heated to a temperature of 44, and then to 60 degrees. This temperature is maintained for forty seconds, after which they begin to cool the semi-finished product to 16-18 degrees.
    omelet from egg powder
  • Drying. Such a technological process is carried out in a special drying machine, which is disk and nozzle. Putting a melange in it, all moisture is completely removed from it. At the same time, useful substances that are in the eggs are preserved. In the drying process, it is very important to maintain the correct temperature. Otherwise, protein denaturation will occur. Typically, the temperature at which the egg mixture is dried is 48-50 degrees. At the same time, the mass is so strongly compressed that only 27% of the finished product is obtained at the outlet.
  • Packaging of powder and its packaging. This is the last step in the production of egg powder. As containers for its packaging, you can use metal containers, and plastic bags, and paper bags. It should be specially noted that at room temperature, this product can be stored for about a year. If you put the powder in a place with a temperature of +2 degrees, then its shelf life is doubled.

We make an omelet from egg powder at home

Egg powder is great for making all kinds of baking. Although often it is made from other dishes. For example, an omelette.

Of course, from egg powder such a dinneris less lush than the traditional set of products. However, in its taste and nutritional value, this dish is not inferior to the classical one.

dry egg powder

So, to make a delicious egg-omelette from egg powder, we need the following ingredients:

  • Milk whole fat - about 1.5-2 cups;
  • egg powder - approximately 3-4 large spoons;
  • pepper fragrant and salt - apply to taste;
  • butter - add to taste;
  • green fresh milled - apply to taste and desire.

Preparing Components

Before proceeding with heat treatmentomelet, it is necessary to prepare the basis for it. For this, the egg powder is spread in a deep bowl and poured with warm milk of large fat content. In this form, the ingredients are stirred with a spoon and left aside for 27-30 minutes. This is necessary for the powder to swell a bit, making the omelet more lush and tasty.

After this time, salt and sweet pepper are added to the resulting mass, and then whipped thoroughly using a blender.

Also, fresh fresh herbs are chopped separately. If such a product you do not have in stock, then it can and should not be used.

Cooking on the stove

After the egg mass is ready, immediatelyand proceed to its heat treatment on the plate. To do this, take a deep frying pan and taste it with oil. Then in the preheated dishes pour in previously whipped egg mass. Sprinkle the scrambled eggs with chopped herbs, cover it tightly and cook on a rapid fire for about 4 minutes.

production of egg powder

After a while, the pan is removed from the plate and, without opening, is left on the side for another 5-7 minutes. Under the influence of steam, the omelet must be fully prepared.

How to bring to dinner?

After preparing the omelet, it is laid out on plates and decorated with a slice of tomato and greens. Served such a dinner to the table along with a slice of bread and fried sausage.

We make homemade mayonnaise

Powder of egg white and yolk can be usednot only for making delicious homemade cakes and omelets, but also for creating different sauces. Mayonnaise is the most popular among them. If you do not know how to do it, we will tell you about it right now.

So, for cooking homemade mayonnaise we will need:

  • egg powder - about 20 g;
  • sunflower or olive oil (for your taste) - about 130 ml;
  • water is warm drinking - about 30 ml;
  • mustard natural - ½ dessert spoon;
  • lemon juice - about 1 dessert spoon;
  • sugar and salt - about ½ dessert spoon.

Cooking process

In the preparation of this sauce there is nothing difficult. Egg powder is spread in a deep container and diluted with water 30-35 degrees. Both ingredients are thoroughly stirred until the lumps disappear completely and leave to swell for 23-25 ​​minutes.

egg white powder

After a while, the resulting egg mixture is added with salt, mustard and granulated sugar. After that, it is whipped with a blender at the highest speed.

In the resulting mass slowly and very carefully introduced vegetable oil. The egg mixture is continuously stirred with the same blender.

The most important thing at this stage is speed. The higher it is, the better the egg mixture will bind to the oil and other ingredients.

As a result of such actions, you should receivehomogeneous and rather thick emulsion. As a rule, a homemade sauce has the same consistency as a shop product. However, it is more yellow, tasty and fragrant.

Before using mayonnaise it is desirable to cool in a refrigerating chamber.

Let's sum up the results

As you can see, egg powder is easily prepared andomelette, and homemade sauce. If you decide to bake a biscuit, then you should use all the same ingredients, with the only difference that instead of eggs for kneading the test, use a yellow dry mass.

egg powder recipes

If all proportions are observed, and alsoprescription requirements, you will definitely get a lush and tasty biscuit. By the way, all the shop cakes are made from this powder. Therefore, they are very soft and tender.

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