/ How to make an omelet made of eggs and milk in the oven?

How to make an omelet from eggs and milk in the oven?

Today we will tell you in detail how to makeomelet from eggs and milk with aromatic spices and cheese. It is worth noting that this dish can be cooked on a gas stove and using an oven. We decided to apply the second option for our satisfying and very tasty breakfast.

How to make an omelet made from eggs and milk: a step-by-step recipe

Required ingredients for breakfast:

how to make an omelet made from eggs and milk

  • salt fine sea, sweet pepper, favorite spices and spices - add at personal discretion;
  • eggs large chicken - 7-9 pieces;
  • milk fresh maximum fat content - 900 ml;
  • cheese is hard (you can take any variety) - 90 g;
  • butter is not rancid - 90 g;
  • fresh herbs (dill, parsley) - along ½ tuft (add at will to the prepared dish);
  • wheat bread, ketchup, thick sour cream - to serve to the table.

Preparation of the main mass

Observing all subsequent cooking rulesa delicious breakfast, you will definitely get a hearty and fragrant omelette. Proportion of eggs and milk when creating this dish is recommended to take by eye. After all, someone likes to use it with a lot of broth, and someone, on the contrary, prefers to spread the minimum of the dairy product.

Thus, it is necessary to break chicken eggs intodeep utensils for baking, and then strongly beat them with a fork or a usual corolla. Next to the main product, you need to pour in fresh milk. It is worth noting that the fatter this drink will be, the more delicious and satiated will the dish become. After this, both ingredients must be mixed until a homogeneous liquid mass of a yellowish or cream shade is formed.

Preparation of additional ingredients
omelet proportions of eggs and milk

Before making an omelet from eggs and milk inOven, you should also prepare components such as hard cheese, butter, various spices and greens. In this case, the solid milk product is recommended to be rubbed on a large grater, the cooking oil can be melt slightly at room temperature, and parsley and dill - rinse and finely chop.

Forming a dish

How to make an omelette from eggs and milk delicious and satisfying? To do this, to the egg-milk mass, it is necessary to pour in fine sea salt, any spices, seasonings, black pepper, and also put hard grated cheese and butter, cut into pieces. Next, all the ingredients should be mixed with a large spoon.

Heat treatment of the dish in the oven
omelette with milk and eggs

After the egg lunch is formed, itsshould be put in the oven and baked in it at a temperature of 210 degrees. This dish will be completely ready for use in 40-50 minutes. In this case, the omelet should become lush, and its surface - slightly covered with a ruddy crust.

How to properly convey to the table

Omelette with milk and eggs can be served asbreakfast, and for dinner. In hot form, this dish is a pretty lush mass, but after cooling a little settles, forming a very tasty broth. Present this dinner preferably with ketchup, greens, bread and thick sour cream.

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