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How to cook an omelette in a multivariate, or How to please your loved ones with a delicious breakfast

In the modern world, the most popular thingin the household becomes a multivark, which serves for cooking different dishes. The latter differ from the usual ones in that they retain useful substances. Therefore, this device is great for people who want to eat healthy and regular food. Usually recipes for dishes for different types of multivariate practically do not differ from each other. Cooking with such a device is much easier. If you do not know how to prepare an omelette in a multivark, we'll tell you in this article.

how to cook an omelette in a multivariate
This dish can be made diverse if you connect your imagination. So, how to cook an omelette in a multivariate? The following ingredients will be needed:

  • a pair of eggs;

  • milk (100 ml);

  • salt to taste;

  • vegetable oil.

The first thing is to break the eggs into a separateA bowl, pour in the milk and gently beat everything with a fork. To get the usual (as in the kindergarten) omelet, it should be beaten long and carefully, but so that the white foam does not appear. If you want to make this dish lush and tender, then, on the contrary, it is necessary to whisk until white foam forms. After this, you must salt the mixture. At the bottom of the bowl, which will be cooked, put a small piece of oil, turn on the heating, so that it completely melted. If you know how to prepare an omelette in a multivarquet, then you already understand that half the job is done. After this, you can pour the milk mass into a bowl and put it on the "Bake" mode. The cooking will take about fifteen minutes. After cooking, the omelette can be decorated with grated cheese or served on a table with slices of tomatoes. Prepare this dish can be using sausages, cheeses, greens, vegetables or meat. Milk can be replaced with products such as cream or sour cream - in this case the dish will turn out even more gently. Usually an omelet, which is cooked in a multivariate, is distinguished by a delicious aroma. This is because he is preparing in full vacuum.

how to cook an omelette in a multivariate

How to cook an omelet with a solidcheese and sausages? It's also a simple task. This dish will be quite satisfying, it can be served not only for breakfast, but also for dinner. As mentioned above, the cooking process is no different from the cooking of a common omelette in the oven or on the stove. However, the multivar can prepare a scrambled omelet, which is the most useful dish. And you do not need to do anything, just turn on the baking program using the instructions. How to cook an omelette in a multivariate? It is necessary to take 100 g of sausages, as much cheese, three eggs. At the bottom of the bowl multivarka put a piece of butter, turn on the baking mode. As soon as the butter completely melts, add a little sausage to it. For a more delicate taste, you can take a little chopped tomatoes. Fry all the ingredients in the multivark together. Eggs beat in another cup, adding a little salt, and, if you want, milk.

omelette in the Redmond multivariate

Chop the finely greens, add it to the eggmixture. To properly prepare an omelette in the multi-brand "Redmond", you need to follow the instructions. To the sausage pour the egg mixture, grate the cheese, but sprinkle them a dish should be only after the program. Omelette is completely ready! It turns out that the question of how to make an omelet in a multivarquet is very easy to solve!

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