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Pug: character and characteristics of the breed

Pug is an amazing dog, it's small, butcombines a lot of good qualities. In no event should one think that such a dog is an imposing lass who sleeps all day. He is very active, trying at the same time to stay in all parts of the house and participate in all the affairs of his masters. Pug is a dog that is ready to rush for you all day, helping in all your endeavors, no matter what you do: dismantling plumbing or working on blanks for the winter. This little housekeeper lives for the joy of people.

pug nature
Pug: Character of the cute dog

This dog is like a cure for all misfortunes. Next to her I want to smile. Pug has a huge sense of self-worth, therefore in no way recognizes violence against his personality.

If a dog already lives in your house, then the pug must necessarily live with him. His character is friendly, so the animals will necessarily become true friends.

Pugs are very intelligent and understandable, so they can beit's easy to teach standard commands. If there is a treat in your hand, then the dog will do everything to get it. Pugs love to eat, so they will "be on duty" where they can get something.

Jealousy in the blood of a dog like a pug. His character is kind, so if he becomes a master of someone else, he will simply be offended, without showing any aggression. After such an event, you can search for a dog for a long time, since it will not pay any attention to the owner.

pug character
Pug: character naughty, but not so simple

Such a dog is very cheerful and active, but, exceptthis, he is very devoted to his master. He is ready to follow him like a ponytail. Pug will not leave the owner for a minute. For this reason, such dogs are very hard to part with the owner. When the owner returns, the dog experiences joy and happiness, he is ready to jump to the ceiling and bark to the whole house.

For beginning dog breeders and the elderly, suchdogs are perfect, as they are perfectly trained and easily amenable to education, and communication with them brings only joy and positive emotions. The nature of the pug is flexible, so there should not be problems with the content.

Important features of the breed

Note that the dog is hard to endure long walks, especially during the hot season, so joint hunting and long runs are not for him.

pug dog
Pugs are very sociable and love everything new andunexplored. They just enough to make contact with strangers. There is practically no aggression, especially in relation to a person, so they get along well with young children. But a pug can show aggression when they want to take (even jokingly) his food, because the food for him is sacred. Even the owner should not approach the bowl when the dog eats. Otherwise, he immediately changes his lovely face to an angry grin. Remember this and do not play with this little "twinkle".

A small conclusion

From all the above, we conclude thatAn ideal dog for a family with children is a pug. His character combines the excellent qualities of a faithful dog. Such an animal will daily give you love and prove its fidelity!

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