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How to cook a pork heart? Product benefits and disadvantages

The pork heart is much softer than the beef analogue. It contains many valuable vitamins and trace elements, so it is often used in cooking. Usually it is served in boiled, fried, stewed or baked form. To date, there is a fairly large number of different recipes, for which you can quickly cook a delicious and nutritious pork heart. The benefits and disadvantages of the product will be discussed in this article.

Description and composition

The heart of a pig is a byproduct,painted in dark red color. As a rule, its mass varies within 350-500 grams. This product is distinguished by a dense, but at the same time rather soft structure. It almost entirely consists of muscle tissue. At the same time, its upper, thickest part is covered with a fat layer.

pork heart good and bad

Pork heart (health benefits and harm will beconsidered in today's article) has a fairly balanced composition. It contains a relatively large amount of vitamins PP, E, C and B. It is also considered a good source of potassium, iodine, phosphorus and iron. In addition, there is a sufficient concentration of easily digestible protein and valuable amino acids in it.

Pig heart: benefit and harm

Nutrition information 100 grams of this productis measured by the amount of nutrients it contains. It contains 16.2 g of proteins, 4 g of fats and 2.6 g of carbohydrates. At the same time, the energy value of 100 grams of pork heart is about 118 kilocalories.

This product is recommended systematicallyuse to people who have problems with the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is considered an excellent prophylaxis of anemia and allows increasing the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. Also it is advised to include in the diet of the elderly and those who are often subjected to nervous overload and stress. When cholecystitis also shows a pig heart.

pork heart good and harm nutritional value

Benefits and harm to man are due to hisrich in vitamin and mineral composition. In moderation, this valuable livestock product is not capable of damaging our health. The only contraindication to the use of the pig's heart may be his individual intolerance.

Use in cooking

This by-product can be extinguished, fried orbake in the oven. Cooked pork heart, the benefits and harm of which are discussed a little above, serves as an excellent base for various salads. Some housewives cook it with gravy, which are well combined with pasta and crumbly porridges. It's pretty tasty stewed pork heart with any mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables.

Frozen, cooked from this by-product,stuff zrazy, pancakes and unsweetened pies. Incredibly delicious and fragrant, a pork heart with garlic gravy or with carrots and onions is obtained. Boiled potatoes, rice or wheat porridge are very suitable as a side dish for such dishes. On the festive table you can serve a hearty salad with the addition of mushrooms, pickled onion and sweet Bulgarian pepper.

pork heart is good and harm to man

In the conditions of industrial production, all kinds of pâtés and sausages are made from it. In addition, it is often mixed with trachea, lungs and liver to make a so-called liver.

Delicious salad: product list

As mentioned above, the pork heart, the benefits andthe harm of which is detailed in today's publication, is often used as a basis for the preparation of nutritious and nutritious dishes. From it you can relatively quickly make a simple, but very tasty salad. To pamper your family with a snack, check in advance if you have all the ingredients you need. This time you will need:

  • 200 grams of pork heart.
  • Head of blue salad onion.
  • A large ripe tomato.
  • A pair of stalks of celery.
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

Additionally, take care that at the right time in your kitchen there is a small amount of good vegetable oil, table salt and pepper.

Step-by-Step Technology

As you may have guessed, the basis of this simple andAn amazingly delicious salad is the pork heart (the benefits and harms of the product are discussed in detail a little above). Therefore, you need to start the process with it. The byproduct is washed in cool water, wiped with paper towels and cleaned of tapes. After that, it is immersed in a saucepan with salted boiling water and boiled.

pork heart good and harm to health

The pork heart prepared in this waycool, cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape and sent to the bowl. After that, a cleaned and crushed blue salad bulb is added to it. There, too, chopped celery stalks and a large chopped tomato. All this is salted, peppered, seasoned with any vegetable oil and gently mixed, trying not to damage the pieces of vegetables. After that, the prepared salad is decorated with fresh herbs and served on the table.

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