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Watches Romanoff: creation, style, features

Many years the company produces productsdescribed in the article, the clock. Romanoff has been on the market for more than 19 years, and during this time managed to show its talents, quality and recommending products. What is this company different from other similar?

  1. Good quality and assembly.
  2. A high guarantee.
  3. Modern and main unique design.
  4. Individual approach to each client.

Speaking about the company, you need to tell about herstories. Romanoff (women's watches are the leaders of sales, but more on that later) is a company founded in 1993. Already then they designed and created new variants of wrist decorations for the first persons of the Russian Federation. Their design was related to the subject of history.

What attracted the creator of a small "desk"start to produce products for the whole country and fully enter the domestic market? The fatal decision was the production of watches dedicated to the Romanov family. In 1998, the Romanoff brand was registered. It is already clear where the name of this famous company came from.

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To date, more than 150 hours have been produced,which are collected manually. Perhaps, it is this fact that makes this product so famous and expensive? The company logo perfectly symbolizes its greatness and persistent position in the Russian market.

Nuances of creating a watch

Watches Romanoff (reviews about them later) are createdonly from the highest quality materials that the company imports from other countries. Steel is used stainless and hypoallergenic, so that every customer can enjoy their purchase. There is also a gold coating, as without it. It is natural, which adds hours of aristocratic and solid appearance. What can be used to create watches of this brand? Fianites, crystals from Swarovski, zircons, mother of pearl, leather. Each lady will be only happy after such a gift from her companion.

The assembly is carried out at the main plant in Moscow in the pavilion "Polet".

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Style and features

Romanoff watches are one of the most recognizablein our state. What makes them so? Unique look, great combinations, classic notes, luxury in moderation. Of course, not without following the current fashion and reasonable price category.

The company, which produces such a stunning watch,won the competition of jewelers in 2011. She presented the best collection in the opinion of an independent jury. Experts identified all the most excellent qualities of products, without finding a single flaw. What changes in the company occurred after the victory? Romanoff watches of this line received a passport of the highest quality, which was certified by the Hermitage, the Kremlin Museum and other important institutions.

Main activities and cooperation

Unlike many other watch companiesRussia, this offers the customer to choose the design of the future product. As a rule, Romanoff works with the production of corporate gifts. For a separate surcharge, you can make an individual product.

The buyer can ask to put on the dialvarious logos and symbols. The same service is available for the watch cover, their belt, buckle. If the customer is rich, then you can create a product from scratch, completely relying on the buyer's wish.

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Briefly about all the company's products

Fashionable ladies watches, exactly like men's,This company is produced only by limited assemblies. The sketch that is used to create them is author's, so the price is appropriate. After assembling each item, the watch passes a large test for accuracy and preparation for sale. The design is created, relying on the fashion and requests of the domestic manufacturer.


  1. Caliber: 2824-2, 2671. Romanoff watches of this caliber have a ball bearing, an automatic winding system, a calendar, the ability to change the date without time malfunction. There is a central second hand, the watch works not less than 38 hours after a full plant. If a person wore them for about 10 hours, then this figure is reduced to 24 hours. These models are capable of withstanding impacts.
  2. Watch Romanoff caliber 8215, 6T51. The mechanism of these unique devices was developed by Japanese manufacturers. They have an automatic clockwork system, a quick opportunity to adjust both the time and the calendar indicators. They stand up to blows and magnetic fields.
  3. Caliber 133. Most often these are fashionable women's watches. It is worth noting that this option is the simplest and cheapest. You need to start them yourself. They are protected from mechanical influences, as well as magnetic fields. Time in usual conditions does not get off, the calendar works regularly. In the event of a breakdown, you need to contact a specialist, in no case is it recommended to solve the problems yourself.
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Clock protection

Each model of this company isresistant. This is a definite plus. The manufacturer prohibits starting the product in water or pressing buttons. It is not recommended to swim in the reservoirs or in the bathroom with the clock of this company. They are protected though they are tight, but it does not oblige them to work even in a completely wet condition.

That they worked as long as possible and pleasedits owner or hostess, it is necessary every several years (once a year) to carry out preventive cleaning. However, it is necessary to do this not at home, but with a specialist.

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It should be noted that ifwatches an inscription or 3 ATMs, then you can be sure of one thing - the gulf will survive the product for a while. But with him in no case take a shower or swim.

If there is a marking that says Water resistant 50 m or 100 m, you can be sure - they will withstand even bathing in the sea.


Feedback about the watch of this company is enoughpositive. Many are afraid to buy products of this company because of the place of their assembly, but nevertheless, overcoming themselves, note the tremendous quality and design. Some even compare Romanoff watches with Swiss ones.

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