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Luxury watches Chanel J12

The world-famous brand Chanel producesa lot of all kinds of luxury goods. Not the last place among them is occupied by hours. The first collection was presented by the company in 1987, it was named "Premiere". All elements of its products had some secret symbolism. For example, the octagonal body was reminiscent of Coco Chanel, the founder of the firm, about her favorite Vandome square, which is located in Paris. The cases and straps of the watch were decorated with precious stones, and the Chanel logo was on the dial.

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These gorgeous watches are made in the homelandSwiss watchmaking. From the very first models they are distinguished by a special, unique elegance, high accuracy. Chanel watches always keep up with the fashion and react sensitively to all the changes in it. Each new model is a unique creation that shapes the image of their master, forcing others to pay attention to him.

Somewhat unexpectedly in 2002, Chanel releasessports model. Chanel J 12 have a spectacular ceramic case. It is equally suitable for both men and women. They are designed for daily use and are very popular with young and active customers.

Chanel J 12 watches are not cheap - their priceranges from two to nine thousand dollars. However, even people with more modest incomes can please themselves with elegance from this brand. Today, buyers are offered many high-quality copies of the famous brand. All of them carefully and accurately reproduce the originals, while maintaining the quality level.

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If you are going to buy a quality copySwiss watches Chanel, we recommend that you pay attention to the Chanel J12 Marine. They used a real Swiss mechanism, which guarantees an accurate move. The case is made of high-tech white ceramics, resistant to scratches, there is a convex sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating. The watch has a welt covered with white lacquer. In addition, they have a minute scale.

Its triumphal way the watch Chanel J12 began in2003. They exist now, but rather as a basic model - on their basis, designers decorate the dials with specially crafted precious stones, gold and mother of pearl, as required by fashion trends.

chanel j12 marine
Chanel J12 - first created by the house Chanelsport watch model. They are large in size, but they look amazingly elegantly on the men's and women's hands. In a very short period of time, they won many fans. The model is made of light and durable ceramics. The name of the watch was given in honor of one yacht, which inspired the designer to create new items.

The first Chanel j12 for men appeared in 2005year and were the result of the fact that the designer admired the swift sports cars. When creating a new model used the favorite material of the manufacturers of race cars - heavy-duty aluminum.

In accordance with a long-established tradition, overThe specialists work at least 350 hours in each model. Bezel and dial dressed in pink or white gold, black or white ceramics, and even in a variety of ways are encrusted with precious stones.

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