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Which model to choose and on which hand to wear a watch

One of the most popular and significant accessoriesfor men and women are watches. They are necessary not only because of their functionality, but also as an object that determines the status and position in society. Although taking into account the rhythm of modern society, it is impossible to do without this accessory. The main thing is to choose a clock that will match the appearance and the chosen image.
There are many variants of watches thatconvenient to use in this or that situation. There are no clear rules on how to use this accessory. On which hand to wear a watch or which model to choose, it is necessary to decide in accordance with a specific situation or personal preferences. But still there are some recommendations on this issue.

Very often the question arises, on which handwearing a watch. The unspoken rules established that it is preferable to wear a watch on the left hand. This hand is not working and they will not interfere with the performance of some actions. But what about the person who is called left-handed? In earlier times, being left-handed was considered wrong. Such people were tried to retrain and make a working right hand. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Therefore, to choose on which hand to wear a watch, everyone should individually. Many manufacturers produce watch models that are designed to be worn on the right or left hand. The mechanism of the plant is located respectively from the right or left side. Therefore, choosing a clock should take this feature into account.

There are several variants of hours. The most popular are wrist watches. It can be a watch with a bracelet or on a leather strap. When choosing a watch, it is necessary that they correspond to the general style. If the strap is preferred, then it must be necessarily leather and of good quality. The color of the strap does not really matter. However, the watch will look better if it matches the color of the belt, purse or other accessories made of leather. But it is important to remember that the material from which the strap is made is of great importance and is one of the defining human rights.
When choosing a watch with a bracelet it is worth consideringseveral features. The bracelet, as well as the strap, is also an important attribute that complements the appearance and style. Therefore, it must match the chosen style and status. Men's bracelets are more massive, but their size, as well as the size of women's bracelets for watches, depends on the thickness of the wrist. The watch with the bracelet should look elegant. They should be adjacent to the wrist, while not pulling it together. A watch with a large size bracelet will hang out on your arm, and cause inconvenience. But at the same time, how to wear a watch with bracelets, selects each independently. The material of which the bracelet is made also plays an important role. In order to emphasize your status and position in society, you must choose a bracelet from precious metal. For everyday use, a bracelet made of steel, brass or titanium is suitable. Models from steel are more durable, but simple in appearance. Products made of brass can be given a more bizarre shape, so they are more original. Titanium bracelets are more comfortable to use and will suit allergy sufferers.
Pocket watches are less popular. You need to know how to wear a pocket watch, which is a very unusual accessory. These watches are worn on a chain and placed in a pocket. For such watches a special pocket is designed in vests. But you can wear them in other pockets. The main thing is that, if necessary, it is easy and convenient to get them.
Which one to choose a watch, what kind of hand to wear a watch and what kind of model - this is a personal matter for everyone. It is necessary that the watch match the chosen style and be combined with other accessories.

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