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Watch Skmei 1016: description and reviews

An integral part of theWrist Watch. Currently, many models are on sale, which differ in appearance, quality and price category. Not everyone can afford expensive luxury watches, but do not worry, as you can find a fashionable and reliable accessory at an affordable price. The available models include, for example, the Skmei 1016 watch - a sports model that is distinguished by its quality and stylish appearance.

What are the features of the model?

These watches fulfill not only their basicfunction - the time display, they can be called a sports chronometer. Additional functions are the stopwatch and alarm clock setting. The latter can be postponed, after which the alert will work two more times. In addition, it is possible to set an hourly sound signal.

Attention deserves the appearance of the wristwatch. This model combines both analog and digital dial. A pleasant color scheme, combining classic colors - black and sand, will suit the owner. Diameter of the dial is 50 mm, and the length of the strap is 24 cm. The width of the latter is 2 cm, so that the watch harmoniously looks at the man's hand. Belt links are made of polymer plastic, which has a special soft touch coating, due to which it is very pleasant to the touch.

What about reliability? The watch case is made of steel, and the dial is equipped with a very durable glass, which will protect the watch from bumps and falls. The material from which the strap is made is different in quality. Metal fastener is characterized not only by convenience, but also by high reliability. It is made of stainless steel.

Watches Skmei

Water resistant

An additional feature of the accessory iswater resistance. With him, you can safely take a shower or visit the pool. However, it should be remembered that the Skmei watch has a permissible pressure of 5 atm. It should not be exceeded (this can happen when jumping into the water), otherwise your favorite accessory will have to be returned for repair.

Skmei watch: manual

The model has 4 buttons located arounddial. The first thing to do after the purchase, set the date and time. To start, click "Reset", and then press "Start / Stop" until the desired time - so adjust the clock. Then, in the same way, the minutes, month, day, and day are set in sequence. To exit the setup menu, press "Mode". To control the movement of the shooter in the center on the right side there is a roller. This makes it easy to adjust the time.

To set the alarm, press the "Mode" button twice, and then specify the required time, as well as when setting the date. You can remove the alarm by pressing the "Reset" button in this mode.

To start the stopwatch, you need to press "Mode" once. You can start or stop it by using the "Start / Stop" button, and to reset the reading, press the button of the same name.

Watches Skmei: instruction

Customer Reviews

The Skmei watches are very popular withbuyers. They are distinguished by a combination of attractive price, quality and beautiful appearance. More and more men choose the Skmei watch. Reviews for the model 1016 are mostly positive. Users note a comfortable dial, as well as a long service life.

watches Skmei: reviews

Wristwatches will be an excellent gift formen. This accessory is perfect even for athletes involved in swimming. The affordable price category makes the Skmei watch even more attractive. In the kit with the watch comes a warranty card, instructions, as well as attractive packaging.

You can buy this model in a specialized store or by making an order on the supplier's website. The watch warranty is 1 year.

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