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Hairless (crab): description, taste, cooking characteristics

Crabs are representatives of a squad of decapodscrustaceans. Its name is not accidentally related to the number of extremities in these marine inhabitants. Crabs account for about 20% of all marine crustaceans harvested, grown and sold around the world. In total there are almost 7 thousand species of crabs. Among them is the hairy. The crab is hairy, so its official name sounds, has characteristic features, due to which it can be easily distinguished from other species of crustaceans. More information about this marine inhabitant and how it can be cooked at home, we will tell in our article.

Crab hairy: photo and description

Crab quadrangular hairy, or hairy -A small, but strong and moving arthropod, with a body covered with hairs. In addition to the hair, on its shell there are sharp large and small thorns. Color of carapace (shell) - from red-violet to brown. The size of the hairy hair varies from 40-50 to 110 mm along the width of the shell. Commercial fish are usually considered to be crabs that have reached a size of 70-80 mm.

hairy crab

The hairy duck inhabits the coast of the Korean peninsula, Primorye, the islands of Hokkaido, the Kurile Islands, southern Sakhalin and Kamchatka. Crab fisheries are observed at a depth of 30 to 80 meters.

For residents of the Japanese islands and the island of Hokkaido, crab-hairy beetle is an important income item. Currently, the population of this animal is in a depressed state.

Taste of a hairy crab

Hair loss is not only unusual externalview. It is also one of the most expensive species of crab. He appreciates not only the tenderest meat, but also a very tasty and useful liver located in the head. When analyzing arthropods, this by-product can be determined by the characteristic light brown color.

The liver, like meat, is distinguished by a highprotein content. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, sodium, iodine, etc. Crab meat is useful for various diseases. With its help you can quickly restore strength and achieve the desired recovery.

crab hairworm

Hairless - a crab, whose meat is much more tender,than in other species. Most often, arthropods are simply cooked in a saucepan, the edible part is separated from inedible and served in this form on a plate. However, the Japanese often bake a hairy in cheese or serve in choco - Chinese dishes for cooking dumplings, in appearance resembling a samovar.

Crab-hairy: how to cook at home

For storage and transportation of freshly harvested crabthe technology of cooked-frozen billet is applied. This is most often and falls on the shelves of shops hairy. Crab cooked-frozen before cutting is just placed for 5 minutes in boiling water. After that, it is laid out on a plate, the legs are separated from the trunk and they are cut.

More correct is the following methodcrab handling. The legs immediately come off the trunk. Next, the shell is bandaged crosswise with a normal thread. This is done so that its contents do not fall out. The fact is that the coat of the hairy hair is slightly opened during cooking and the useful liver can simply flow out of it. Ideally, you have to cook crab in sea water. But since it is problematic at home, it is difficult to use ordinary water with salt. Cook the crab for 4 minutes in a wide saucepan. It is worthwhile to see to it that the water boils all the time. It is important not to digest the crab, otherwise it will become tough. Welded hairy beetles are placed in a bowl with ice. This will later make it easier to separate the meat from the shell.

crab hairy photo

For cutting crab use kitchen scissorsor a secateur. So it will be much more convenient to cut the claws and shell. Additionally, spoons of different sizes, sticks for sushi, etc., may be needed. First you need to remove the shell. In the part where the head of the crab is located, the largest amount of liver is concentrated. Removed shell in the future can be used as a plate, laying on her liver and meat. By the way, there are a lot of them in the body, too.

After the shell is processed, you can proceed to claws. To extract meat from them, you need to cut the claws along. With a secateur, this will be very easy.

Crab meat salad with soy sauce

Most often, crab-hair-worm eaten in cooked form, such as a beer. Less often from it prepare any dishes, salads.

crab hairyer how to cook

A hairless crab, which is widely distributed inJapanese cuisine. From his liver and meat prepare a delicious salad. For this, the ingredients laid out in the shell are seasoned with soy sauce and wasabi, mixed and served to the table. Also in the shell you can bake the crab meat. To do this, it is simply sprinkled with grated cheese and sent to the oven for a few minutes until a crust is formed.

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