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Beer Newcastle: flavor characteristics

Beer Newcastle is produced by HeinekenInternational, and for the first time it appeared on the modern market in 1927 in England. This alcoholic beverage is a natural ale, but it is very easy to drink. In addition, it features a gentle and pleasant aftertaste.

History of the origin of beer "Newcastle"

Newcastle was first brewed by the brewerJim Porter after a series of studies. Porter used two varieties of English hop for the preparation of this type of ale, which were collected strictly by hand. If the correct temperature regime of cooking and supplying the ale is fully revealed, its taste and aroma. After a stunning success, just a year later, the logo of this ale has already acquired certain outlines, since the emblem began to be executed in the form of a figure eight and a blue star appeared on it.

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Rust the popularity of this amazing beercontinued for the next few years after World War II, thanks to the fact that he was chosen for himself by shipbuilders and miners. In the 80s, all the advantages of this alcoholic drink were appreciated by students, and also it gained special popularity among those who had time to appreciate its unique taste qualities and special individuality.

In the north-east of England, in the homeland of NewcastleBrown Ale, he is lovingly called a "dog." This name comes from the fact that for several years the English, on the pretext of walking the dog, went to the pub with friends, where they could enjoy this amazing aleme.

Since the mid 80's this beer startedto transport abroad, where it gained special popularity, especially in the United States. Sales are growing every year, since the demand for this alcoholic beverage is very large among different population groups.

To date, the producer of Newcastleoffers true connoisseurs a very tasty and unusual alcoholic drink, which literally conquers from the very first sip. The taste qualities are simply unsurpassed, as it has an exquisite aftertaste with a slightly refreshing shade. Now it is one of the best-selling species of ale all over the world.

Beer Newcastle Brown Ale since 2003is exported to Russia and every year shows more and more perfect dynamics of sales. Original taste qualities were appreciated by true connoisseurs of this beer.

What is a drink

Beer Newcastle is premium aleHe was born in England and has a long and successful history on the market. For all of its existence, this alcoholic drink has gained considerable success worldwide. After careful and long development, the creator of this beer was able to achieve good results. As a result, a beer was obtained, which combines the original taste qualities of ale, but it is very easy to drink.

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Beer Newcastle from the very beginning of its appearance gained fame at the national level, and later around the world.

Features of alcoholic beverages and taste

In the glass, the beer has a light brown tinge with abundant foam, which, however, falls off quite quickly. The aroma clearly traces the notes of malt sweetness, a soft flower-honey aroma.

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The taste of this alcoholic drink is full, withnutty aftertaste, complemented by a sweet caramel note. An excellent combination of high-quality hops, water and barley, together with the latest production standards, makes this drink soft to the taste, and also gives a certain refreshing ease.

The cost of an alcoholic drink and customer reviews

It is worth noting that the price of Newcastle beer is lowand is only from 142 rubles per bottle. This is an affordable high-quality alcoholic drink with excellent taste. Brown ale, despite all the news regarding the recipe change, has only the most positive reviews.

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Many people say that it has a pronouncedhoney taste with a light, almost imperceptible taste of bread, as well as a small bitterness that gradually builds up. Against this background, there is a slight taste of dried fruits and nuts. The aftertaste is short with a little bitterness.

However, some do not quite like this alcoholic drink, since they note that the ale is very sweet and has a somewhat sugary taste.

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