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Bacon fried: cooking rules, use in cooking, recipes

It is difficult to imagine a person who would remainindifferent to aromatic crispy bacon with interlayer of fat. Unless a convinced vegetarian will not run salivating from one glance at the plate with this delicacy. But for any meat-eater, bacon roast is an exquisite delicacy.

bacon fried

Fortunately, this is the case when it is not necessary for a favorite taste to go to a restaurant. You can fry delicious bacon at home. And how to do it, we will now find out.

How to choose bacon?

Going to the store, remember the simplerules. In good bacon, meat strips should be no less than fatty, but a layer of fat is mandatory. You can buy a whole piece, and ready slices. If you like a very thin thread, give preference to the second option - to cut bacon at home so smoothly and thinly it is unlikely. Although a good sharp knife and allows you to achieve good results.

Bones in bacon should not be, but the skin is quiteis admissible. She gives an idea of ​​what is cut from the right place - from the side of the pig. When cooking, you can do with it at your discretion, cut off or leave as you wish. In most cases, it turns out to be rather soft and does not spoil the taste and structure of the dish.

If you were lucky enough to choose a good piece,from it you can easily cook the most delicious fried bacon. The photos presented in this article clearly demonstrate that the food turns out to be very beautiful.

fried bacon recipe

Required utensils

The main task that you need to perform when frying bacon is to reduce excess fat. Believe me, even if your piece of meat is more than fat, no additional fats are needed.

Bacon fried better cook in a dry frying pan. Non-stick cookware will cope with the task in the best way, therefore it is worth giving preference to it. If you have a cast iron frying pan or wok, the result will be just as good.

You can fry the bacon and grill in a frying pan, it will turn out even more fragrant.

Are you afraid that the bacon will still stick? Lubricate the surface with a minimal amount of olive oil without a smell, it will be enough until the fat begins to be heated from the pieces.

Frying rules

First thing is to warm up the frying pan well. Fried bacon, the recipe of which we offer for self-realization, it is better to cook on medium-high heat. If you want to prevent the spraying of grease, cover the frying pan with a special mesh, but not the lid. Under the usual lid, bacon will be stewed, not roasted.

Heat treatment time

How much to cook fried bacon? The recipe, proposed by us, advises to focus on the color and smell of the ready-made stripes. The time for roasting depends on the size, the thickness of the pieces, the type of frying pan and the intensity of the fire. As soon as you see a seductive golden color and feel the divine fragrance, you know: bacon is ready.

How to use fried bacon in cooking

bacon with onions roasted

There are many recipes in whichthis ingredient appears. It is added to the lasagna, pizza, casseroles, stew, roast and many other recipes. You can put bacon roasted between burger buns or add it to a hot dog. This will give refreshment a refined flavor, even if the bacon is relatively small.

Bacon with onions (fried) can be added to soups,porridge, side dishes from vegetables. Some people like to eat it just like that, a snack with a salad of seasonal vegetables, fresh bread, homemade pickles. Bacon fits well with cheese. Finely roasted chopped pieces can be mixed with grated cheddar or mozzarella to form a fragrant golden crust for any baked dishes.

The range of application of this component is unusually wide.

Do not be afraid to improvise! A couple of simple recipes with bacon, we will consider further.

Scrambled eggs and fried bacon: recipe

The photo below is one of thethe main symbols of not only the national cuisine of the United States, but the whole American way of life. Agree, you have often noticed how the heroes of your favorite overseas movies are eating this dish?

fried bacon Photo

There are a lot of variations on the topictoasted bacon and eggs. You can just fry these products in a frying pan. You can put the bacon in the molds for the capcasks, drive each into the testicle and bake in the oven. You can serve fried bacon and poached eggs on a bun. In a word, it's just an untroubled field for experiments!

To prepare two servings for breakfast you4 slices of bacon and 4 eggs are needed. Fry the bacon until cooked, transfer to serving plates. In the remaining fat, fry the eggs. When serving, you can decorate the dish with herbs and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Pancakes with bacon

Another dish that can be calledclassic for Western cuisine, reminds us of the usual pancakes. To make pancakes, sift a bowl of flour into the bowl, add salt and baking powder over a pinch. Put in 0.5 tsp. soda and 3 tbsp. l. Sahara. Mix the dry ingredients.

Separately connect the liquid: a glass of milk, an egg, 4 tbsp. l. lemon juice. Mix both parts and knead the dough. Pancakes are usually larger than pancakes, but you can cook them as you like. For example, the dough can be poured directly onto bacon (fried). And you can serve roasted fragrant strips to the usual round punk-balls.

fried bacon recipe photo

This dish can be an excellent option for breakfast, afternoon tea or "folding". Serve pancakes with fried bacon is recommended with cheese sauce or ketchup.

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