/ How to cancel an order on Aliexpress. Features of refusals of purchases on the Chinese trading floor

How to cancel an order on Aliexpress. Features of refusals of purchases on the Chinese trading floor

It's no secret that the purchase of variousgoods through the Internet is becoming more popular. Someone prefers to make acquisitions through joint purchases, others choose online stores, while others prefer foreign sites with a large assortment from different sellers. An example of such a trading platform is the Chinese site Aliexpress.

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Understand the functionality of "Aliexpress"quite simply. To make a purchase you need to register, choose the right product from a verified seller, make an order for a purchase and pay for it. The store, in turn, is obliged to send the order in due time. Evidence of the good faith of the seller is the specified parcel track.

How to cancel an order on Aliexpress
But often the shops take on the postal numbers. Because of this, they can quite specify the buyer a track that will not be tracked. It also happens that the postal website shows that the parcel does not go to the recipient who paid the order, but to another country. This is all an excuse to begin to understand how to cancel an order on Aliexpress. Even in this case, it is quite possible to return the money.

Cancellation before payment for goods

When ordering goods, many click on the buttonBuy Now, without looking at the offers of other sellers. But having seen a similar product at a lower price in another store, buyers are beginning to wonder how to cancel the order on Aliexpress. If you have not paid for the goods, then there is nothing to worry about. Just forget about it. He will be on the unpaid list for the set time. Even if the seller writes you a letter requesting payment for the goods, you can not react to it or reply that you have changed your mind about making a purchase.

Do not worry and look for how to remove an order on Aliexpress, it will happen automatically. There are no sanctions for unpaid purchase on the site.

Cancellation of purchase

cancel the order on aliexpress after payment
It's a little harder to figure out what to do,if you change your mind to make a purchase after payment. Immediately it is worth saying that trying to understand how to cancel an order for Aliexpress, in the first day after making a payment there is no sense. At this time, all functions are blocked, the payment verification is in progress.

Immediately it is worth saying that the reasons for refusal can bebe several. The first of them: the seller said that the goods are not (as an option - has risen in price), and he can not send it. In this case, it is better to wait until the period set aside for sending the purchase ends. If the store does not specify the track, the money will automatically return to the buyer. As practice shows, this occurs within 2-5 days.

But if for some personal reasons you decidedto cancel the order on Aliexpress, then you should hope that the seller has not sent the order yet and he will want to meet you. In this case, on the order page, click the Cancel order button. It appears only a day after the payment is made. It is important to take into account one nuance: the money will be returned only if the seller approves this cancellation. But he can write that he has already sent the order, then you will only have to wait for the parcel or open a dispute.

It is better to try to negotiate with the seller throughpersonal correspondence. If he has not sent the parcel yet, then it is likely that he will agree to cancel the order. Having decided not to buy, do not delay the time, write to the seller as soon as possible, then you will have more chances that he will meet you.

Reasons for disputes

refusal of order on aliexpress
Money seller on the trading floor"Alyexpress" receives only after the expiration of the period allocated for delivery of the goods, or after the customer has confirmed his receipt and does not intend to return it. All this period they are blocked in the system, and the customer has a chance to return them. To do this, open a dispute. The reasons for its beginning can be as follows:

- the track is not tracked for a long time;

- in the postal system another place of receipt of the goods is indicated;

- the delivery period is coming to an end;

- the received goods do not correspond to what the buyer expected.

This is not a complete list of reasons to think abouton how to cancel an order on Aliexpress. It should be noted right away that the administration treats problems with tracks very carefully, and unscrupulous sellers are fined.

Return of funds after receipt of goods

how to remove an order on aliexpress
If the transaction went smoothly, but here is the quality orfunctional features do not correspond to what was specified in the announcement, then cancel the order for Aliexpress after payment and receipt of the goods is quite realistic. For this, it is necessary to open a dispute, in which it is necessary to indicate all claims confirming the shortcomings of the goods. You can do this only until the countdown timer expires.

If for 16 days you can not solve the problem withseller, and you do not close the dispute, it is translated into a complaint. But you can do this manually, just press the Escalate Dispute button. After that, the administration will interfere in the dispute. Already from her decision will depend on whether you will return money for a poor-quality product. But even in the event that the administration has taken the side of the seller, and you are sure that you are right, you can complain about her actions.

Options for refunds

order cancellation on aliexpress
Many buyers are interested in the question of howwhen the money will be returned for the goods if the transaction is refused. They do not come back very quickly, usually this process can last for a week or two. Of course, if the cancellation of the order on Aliexpress occurred because the seller did not send the goods, then you can expect to receive money in a couple of days.

Return the funds to where they were frompayment is made. When calculating with a bank card, they will return to the account, when transferring money through electronic payment systems - they will return to the wallet.

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