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How to untie a card from Aliexpress in modern conditions

Currently, e-commerce is allDeeply enters into the life of every person living in our country. The number of purchases made through online stores, is growing constantly, with each month and even day.

Apart from this Internet market are suchtrading platforms like Aliexpress. But often these companies make marketing moves without the knowledge of clients. Such an initiative of trading platforms upset customers, and they try to stop it, which is not always easy. One such move is the binding of a bank card to the Aliexpress payment system. Accordingly, users have a question: how to untie the card from Aliexpress?

how to untie a card from aliexpress

What is Aliexpress?

Before answering the question: how to untie the card from Aliexpress, let's start by understanding what this trading platform represents. Aliexpress is most often compared to a huge online bazaar, which sells a lot of different Chinese online stores. Sometimes even these outlets can not be called online stores, but simply online shopping.

Nevertheless, the goods on this site are hugea lot, and most of them are sold at a fairly low price. In addition, many sellers practice free shipping from China to your home. This is what makes Aliexpress so popular. But still, why does the question arise about whether it is possible to untie the card from Aliexpress?

can i untie the card from aliexpress

Aliexpress payment system

The Aliexpress marketplace providesseveral types of payment, among which there may be customary worldwide electronic payment systems, such as WebMoney, QIWI or WesternUnion. As well as payment can be carried out with the usual bank cards VISA or MasterCard. But, in addition, Aliexpress has its own payment system, called Alipay.

It not only invites every client to haveown account, but also to bind various bank cards to this account in order to simplify the client's work in the future. Combining an account with a specific bank card is called a binding.

An associated bank card, starting withof a certain amount of payment, can carry out such banking operations without the knowledge of the client. And this can create certain problems. On the other hand, Alipay itself can offer various bonus programs for binding a bank card, and inexperienced buyers are happy to agree to it. But in the future they still have a question: how to untie a bank card from Aliexpress?

how to untie a bank card from aliexpress

Payment methods on Aliexpress

Any buyer of Aliexpress should remember thatthis trading floor is a multi-payment system. Therefore, in order to avoid further questions about how to untie the card from Alipay Aliexpress, you can use the alternative payment system offered by this trading platform.

What are these alternative payment methods? In many ways, they depend on the country in which the buyer resides. But usually a visitor of this trading floor can see the proposals that are displayed in the photo posted in our article.

how to untie the card from aliexpress aliexpress

At the same time, the buyer can choose thepayment system, which is more to his liking, with which he is most familiar, and in which he makes payments most conveniently. Often, not to contact bank cards and then not to deal with the issue: how to untie the card from Aliexpress, some customers use an equally secure WebMoney system.

And this system, like the trading platform itself,is multicurrency. And this means that the buyer can store money on various electronic purses with different currencies. And use exactly the purse that will be beneficial to the buyer when making various purchases. So, those who make money in US dollars, consider it convenient to pay with a dollar purse, and those who receive a salary in Russian rubles can pay off the ruble purse.

Marketing moves by Alipay

At present, the number of buyers forthe trading platform of Aliexpress exceeds millions. But apart from this, both the company itself and its payment system from time to time offers various marketing moves in order to increase the number of customers. They offer various bonuses, for example, reducing the cost of the goods by a certain percentage for binding the bank to the Alipay system. And inexperienced buyers, trying to save on buying, agree to this proposal.

Undo the card from the Aliexpress trading platform

Solving the problem of how to untie the card from Aliexpress, you can use the following scheme:

  1. Login to the site where you need to be logged in.
  2. After you get to your personal account, you canopen the bookmark "my Alipay" and get on the page Alipay. If you really tied a bank card, then the system will easily launch you, since you are a registered user.
  3. Then, at the top of the site, you need to find the "edit maps" icon.
  4. Clicking on it, you get a list of bank cards attached to the system.
  5. On the right side is the inscription "remove card". Click on it.

So you can untie your bank card from the Aliexpress system.

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