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Details on how to untie the phone from "Steam"

Today we will talk about how to untie the phone number from "Steam". At the moment, this platform offers users various means of protecting their account.


how to untie a phone from a stim
To resolve the issue of how to untie the phonefrom "Steam", it should be remembered that identification in the specified system by entering a password and login is not limited. The project developers realized the possibility of using the hardware of the computer. In case of authorization from another PC, the user must confirm that he owns the selected profile. To do this, a special email is sent to the e-mail address linked to the account. It contains the code that allows you to activate the input.

Mobile phone binding is also possible. It can be attributed to a more serious form of protection. This procedure is carried out through the Steam Guard authenticator. Many users, in practice having experienced this protection, decide that it has little benefit in many cases. This tool makes it difficult to access your account. The code must be specified during each login to the account. It takes time. Therefore, sometimes users decide to disable this type of protection. The Steam Guard tool is necessary, first of all, for accounts on which a large number of games are located. Such accounts can cost a considerable amount of money. If several products are purchased, active protective equipment may be unnecessary. It is unlikely that attackers will attempt to hack this account to gain access to it. Therefore, we will try to disable the Steam Guard tool.


how to untie a phone number from a stim
Next, a practical guide will be given,which will resolve the issue of how to untie the phone from "Steam". It should be said separately about one important circumstance. With the described method of protection on the mobile phone, obviously, there is a Steam application. You can only disable the authenticator through it. Thus, the question of how to untie the phone from the "Steam" without a phone does not have a practical solution. So, to achieve the result, we launch the official mobile application. To do this, click on the corresponding icon on the mobile phone. When the application opens, go to the menu using the button in the upper left corner. Choose the item Steam Guard. On the phone there will be a window with the same name.


how to untie a phone from a stimulus without a phone
The final stage of the decision onHow to untie the phone from "Steam". Use the function "Delete Authenticator". After that, the confirmation window of the selected action appears. Click on the appropriate button. We agree to delete the authenticator. After that, a system message will appear. It will talk about the successful disconnection of an unnecessary authenticator. From now on the activation codes will be sent to the selected email. After deciding on how to untie the phone from Steam, the account protection will be less reliable. This should be remembered. If there are no expensive games in the account, such actions are justified. We hope that now the problem with the input to Steam will be completely solved.

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