/ How to unlink a phone from your Google Account:

How to unlink a phone from your Google Account:

Deleting a Google account from your smartphone canIt is required if you need to log in to another account, transfer the device to another person, for example when selling, or to disconnect the intrusive synchronization, which terribly hinders the work of older mobile phone models. Many are afraid of disclosing personal data (real name, location, contacts and personal correspondence) and believe that the corporation stores all data about the user, regardless of his desire.

how to untie a phone from a google account

Be that as it may, the question "how to untie a phone from a Google account" is of interest to most smartphone owners with the Android operating system.

What will be deleted with the account

Before you think about how to delete your Google account,It is worth saving all the data to an external source: a computer, a cloud storage or a USB flash drive. You need to rewrite phone numbers and email addresses of contacts stored on your account, copy application data, photos, videos, music, events in the calendar. Do not forget about backups. After a complete deletion of the account, this data can not be restored, but if you plan to only disconnect the device, leaving the parameters of the account itself, the progress in the games and the synchronized photos, music and video will be saved.

how to untie a phone from a google account using a computer

Download all data before completely deleting itYou can also use Google's account. From the computer, you need to go to the "Save data" page, select the service information that you want to save and specify the archive format. Then you should wait from several minutes to 2-3 days (if the data, for example, letters, very much, the preservation will take a long time). Once the archive is created, an email will be sent to the email with a download link.

Hard Reset operation

How can you unfasten your phone from your Google account quickly? The simplest method is the Hard Reset operation. To reset all settings and return the device to its original state, you can use the operating system software.

You need to go to the settings menu, select item"Backup and Reset" (may also be called "Reset Settings", "Restore and Reset" or "Reset Personal Data"). The operating system will ask you to confirm your intentions. Then the phone will reboot and will be completely cleared.

Hard Reset on some models can be doneby simultaneously pressing the Power buttons, setting the Volume Up and the Home screen. The phone goes to the menu where the sound buttons need to select the Wipe option and confirm with the Home button.

Attention! Resetting the settings in this way erases all data from the phone, except for the information on the memory card. Just in case the SD card is better to be pulled out before carrying out the operation, especially if you use the buttons for sound, off and the main screen.

Manually deleting the account

How to unlink a phone from your Google account, if notneed to return the device to the original settings, but just need to log in to another account? To do this, open the "Accounts and sync" menu (or "Accounts") in your smartphone settings, select your account, call up an additional menu and click on "Delete account".

how to delete google account

Complete account deletion

How do I permanently delete my Google Account?has ceased to exist even on corporate servers? If the operation is carried out from a smartphone, you need to go to the phone settings menu, select the Accounts item (or "Accounts and sync") and click on the name of your account. In the context menu, which is called by clicking on three dots or a mechanical button, choose "Account settings" - "Account deletion and disabling services". You will be redirected to a web page where you need to log in with a username and password corresponding to the account to be deleted. Then you need to confirm the complete deletion of the account.

how to untie a phone from a google android account

How do I delete a Google Account from my computer? Here it's easier: the option "Deleting a Google Account" is available in the "Account Settings" section of the "My Google Account" page. On the same page, you can simply turn off synchronization or unused services.

Removing the connected device: use the computer

How do I unbind a phone from a Google Account using a computer? You can delete the connected device in the following way:

  • you must go to the site of the search engine and log in;
  • then go to the "My Account" page;
  • find "My devices" or "Phone search";
  • Select the smartphone you want to disable, and click "Sign out of the account on the device";
  • confirm your action.

how to untie a phone from a google account

Actually the question is: "How do I untie a phone from my Google account, an Android smartphone?" - does not cause difficulties. There are several ways in which you just need to choose the appropriate option. The operation itself takes only 5-10 minutes. After that, the account will be deleted from your smartphone.

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