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Shopoholism. or How to buy on Aliexpress

On Chinese trading floors, likeAliexpress, you can find a lot of useful and useful things, ranging from holders for the toothbrush and ending with large furniture and crystal products. At the same time, the prices for goods are so attractive, and the assortment is diverse and tempting, that already many shopaholics know how to buy on Aliexpress. To make purchases in China is easy and simple, the main thing is to understand the algorithm and learn how to choose really high-quality things.

how to buy on aliexpress

The first thing you need to do in order,to understand how to buy on Aliexpress.com is to register. Registration on this site is absolutely uncomplicated, but requires care and accuracy. From how correctly you enter your data in the required fields, it will depend on how quickly your package will pass customs clearance and reach the address you need. Please note that the filling is only in Latin letters. For ease of information entry, look in your passport - so you definitely will not go wrong with transliteration.

So, after registration we are already halfway from how to buy on Aliexpress. The instruction is as follows:

  • how to buy on aliexpress com
    You need to choose the product of interest. It can be found in thematic sections or with the help of a search line, by typing the name of the thing in English. It is noteworthy that one and the same thing can be sold to different sellers and have a different value - and this is one of the features of how to buy on Aliexpress. There is an opinion that, the cheaper one or another product from one of the sellers, the worse the quality and the longer the delivery time. However, you can check this by just taking a chance and ordering a thing at a low price.
  • So, when you found what you were looking for,attention not only to the cost of goods, but also to the price of shipping to your country. Most of the things are sent by regular mail and you do not need to pay for it, as a rule, everything is already included in the final price. If you are satisfied, you can click on the "Add to Cart" button to proceed to the shopping process.
  • Do not forget that the choice of size is anotheran important point of how to buy on Aliexpress. Please note that the Chinese themselves are short and thin, and therefore their dimensional mesh may differ from ours. Therefore, before choosing L or XL, be sure to keep in mind what is written in the product description. Or, even better, write a message to the seller asking you to pick up a thing for your specific parameters. The same is true with shoes.
  • Before you buy on Aliexpress, youit is necessary to register an electronic purse in the WebMoney or Qiwi system, or have a currency credit card with the money credited to it. The system of payment is simple - you just need to step-by-step execute all written instructions on the site.
    how to buy on aliexpress instruction
  • After that, within a few days the seller,after verifying the payment, will send you the track code number, where you can track the location of your package. And from now on you will only have to be patient and expect a cherished message in your mailbox.

As a rule, the main disadvantages of thisshopping is a long time waiting and the fact that the thing can not be touched and evaluated its quality. However, all this is compensated by low prices and a wide range. Now you know how to buy on Aliexpress. Quality and inexpensive deals to you!

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