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How to change reviews on "Aliexpress"? AliExpress - online hypermarket

Every day, more and more popularity amongonline buyers from all over the world are gaining the AliExpress trading platform. Shopping for "Aliexpress" has long been a pleasant tradition for many. It is understandable, because here it is sometimes offered quite a quality product for little money. However, far from all are experienced buyers and do not know much. In this article we will tell you how to change the feedback on "Aliexpress", how to get your money back in case of non receipt of the goods, and also consider other important nuances of making purchases in this online hypermarket.

how to change reviews on aliexpress

AliExpress Internet Hypermarket

AliExpress - the largest Chineseonline hypermarket with a huge selection of products. "Aliexpress" is an online store where you can buy, without exaggeration, everything: from large equipment and ending with underwear, children's toys, cosmetics and many, many others. This electronic platform is aimed at the external market, has some similarities with eBay, but unlike it sells only new products that have not been in use. To assess the full scale of this store, imagine an ordinary Chinese store and multiply the number of its assortment by hundreds of thousands, after all, so many small shops are traded on "Aliexpress."

"Aliexpress" is an online store that has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of AliExpress

  • Large selection of products.
  • You can find the product at a more profitable price, because the same product can be sold by several different sellers.
  • Frequent discounts on "Aliexpress."
  • You can talk to the seller and ask him all the questions you are interested in, even if you have not already placed an order.
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  • Buyers are reliably protected. In spite of the fact that the goods are sent only after full payment, the money does not come directly to the seller, they are blocked by the system, and in case of receiving a poor-quality goods, delivering it later than the stated deadline or not receiving goods at all, you can return your money.
  • There is a special website "AliExpress" in Russian, which makes the interface of the online store convenient and understandable for Russian-speaking users of the Network.
  • There are many ways to pay for an order.

Disadvantages of AliExpress

  • Selling the same goods, sellers complicate the search for something new and unique in the store.
  • Sale of goods in large lots of 10, 100 pieces. Despite the undoubted benefits of wholesale purchase, retail buyers do not need it.
  • The Chinese origin of goods adversely affects their quality: things can come in defective. In this case, you will need to make a return to "Aliexpress."
  • Long free shipping (average timefree delivery across Russia from different vendors and depending on the region ranges from 14 to 60 days). Often, as practice shows, if the goods did not come to Russia within 40 days, it is unlikely to come. But there are exceptions, which we'll talk about later. Of course, the seller of such goods deserves a negative response, but it is better not to rush into this, so as not to think then about how to change the feedback on "Aliexpress", if the product still came.

алиэкспресс in Russian

How to choose a product on AliExpress?

For example, you want to buy a bag. To do this, register on the website "AliExpress." In Russian, however, the translation will be somewhat clumsy, and more often just ridiculous and funny, but it's not scary, the main thing is that the meaning is clear. This site is located at: http://www.aliexpress.com/.

Then in the line "I'm looking for" enter "bag", so youyou will find most of all products of this category. In addition, you can use the navigation on the left, select the appropriate section. If you use the English version of the site, then it is better to search for the English word "bag" (bag).

In general, navigation on the site is convenient and understandable,is built on the principle of navigating most standard online stores, for example, to buy a dress of the desired length, color, style, etc. choose the category "Clothes for women", then from the drop-down list - the desired type of dress, then you will be redirected to the page with the selected dresses, where you can additionally be able to choose the size, pattern, style, length, type of sleeves, cutout, color, fabric and other parameters.

If you want a particular thing, betteruse these search filters, so you will save your time and do not buy a bunch of unnecessary things. Though, maybe, and necessary, as the goods with "Aliexpress" are very popular. But sometimes you can type a completely non-specific blurry query in the search box of the site, for example, "dress" (this is the case if the buyer has not yet determined which particular dress he wants). Daily discounts on "Aliexpress", presented in the section "Burning Goods", will allow conscience pricks not to sting you so much for making unforeseen purchases.

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Kinds of delivery on Aliexpress

Free shipping

Free shipping is the bestoption in the event that the price of the ordered goods is small for you and you are ready to wait. The number of types of free shipping on the site is constantly growing. For each product, each specific seller offers a list of delivery options, with which you can find out on the order registration page and choose the preferred one.

The most popular type of free shipping is transportation by China Post Air Mail. Its terms fluctuate within 22-60 days.

In addition to the use of postal services, Chinesesellers often resort to the help of logistics companies, using the so-called seller delivery method (sellers shipping method). Sometimes such services deliver goods faster than mail, but more often - on the contrary. According to statistics, the goods sent to these methods do not reach more often than the goods sent by air mail.

Paid delivery

In addition to free, when buying any goodsyou can select a paid delivery method. It is appropriate to use it if you ordered a very expensive or fragile item, which must be carefully delivered in the shortest possible time. For cheap things it is unprofitable to use paid delivery, because then the price of delivery can several times exceed the price of the most ordered thing.

Paid and delivered oversized things,such as furniture, for example, but we strongly recommend not to order furniture from China, because it is very expensive. Such delivery costs more than $ 100, if its price is less, it is a scam. Neither mail nor courier services will take delivery of the parcel, the total weight of which exceeds 31 kg. This is the lot of special cargo services.

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What to do if the goods did not come

It happens that the goods do not come, they are not deliveredduring. For such cases, the protection of buyers is provided. It consists in the fact that in the "My orders" tab on the page of each paid goods there is a countdown of the time that the seller has allocated for the delivery of the goods. According to the rules, the goods must arrive at this specified time. If this did not happen, open a dispute. After opening a dispute, you will communicate and seek a compromise with the seller, which may consist in extending the delivery time, full or partial return of the value of the goods, etc.

Remember the main rule: never confirm receipt of the goods until it is in your hands, even if the seller will ask. No decent seller will ask you to confirm the arrival of the goods in advance, if this occurs, ignore such requests. In addition, if the goods did not come at all, you can leave an angry response about the seller. But what if the goods were late, but did they come or the conflict with the seller was settled? Then the question arises about how to change the feedback on "Aliexpress."

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First of all, you only need to do thisIf the seller has completely redeemed his guilt, and not because he so asked you: let others also know what it's like to deal with him! In addition, when the opposite situation is possible: the correction requires a positive feedback previously delivered.

How to change reviews on "Aliexpress"?

It is recommended not to rush to put reviewssellers for goods, because you can leave a response within 30 days after confirming the receipt of the goods, and you can change it only once! To do this, go to the feedback manager tab - Manage Feedback -> Active Feedback, select the desired product and click "Report Abuse".

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Just be careful, and buying on "Aliexpress" will bring you only joy.

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