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Aliexpress. Reviews

Have you heard about the online store Aliexpress, reviews of which are so colorful on the expanses of the global network? Not yet?! Then right now you will become aware of all the facts about the popular site.

What will attract an ordinary buyer to Aliexpress? First of all, this is a rich assortment. The store presents you a huge selection of different goods from jewelry to technology. Another advantage of it is acceptable and even sometimes extremely low price. It is also important that the standard delivery by Russian Post is absolutely free. There is also a possibility to choose a paid delivery of EMS / DHL / USPS / UPS, etc. You can track the rating of the buyer and seller, leave your feedback about work and goods. It attracts the attention of the visitor of the site and the fact that the goods are presented in photos of excellent quality and have a detailed description. Photoshop processing is used minimally, therefore, the products are displayed in real form.

Advantages of buying goods on Aliexpress. Testimonials of grateful customers

1) The funds are transferred to the seller only after the registration of your order.

2) It is possible to contact the seller directly to get answers to the questions that interest you (color, size, additional parameters of things, etc.).

3) There is a "personal cabinet" where you can view the list of ordered goods, their cost.

4) Additional function - tracking the package directly on the site. This kind of luxury can boast of not every online store.

5) There is a system of discounts. Coupons for a discount are distributed to those who make a large number of purchases or spend a lot of money for the purchase of a particular thing from the site.

6) Goods of exceptionally high quality. Warranty from the manufacturer.

As those who have already bought atAliexpress, the site really guarantees that everything that you see on the screen in the appropriate form will come to your house a month and a half later (the terms depend on the geographical location and speed of the Russian Post). Value for money pleases and suits even the most demanding buyer.

Unfortunately, Aliexpress, whose reviews are mostly positive, have some drawbacks, like with any other online store:

1) Given that the site is not Russian and not evenEuropean, it is difficult to choose your clothing size. Take things a few sizes more - do not go wrong! For example, a shirt of size S corresponds to a thing for a child of 13 years. In short, do not risk updating the wardrobe on this site, exchanging or reselling the item in the future will not be easy.

2) Specify the price of the sellers paiddelivery (EMS, etc.), do not let them deceive themselves. Since the price of the question is calculated based on the weight of the parcel, you can learn it yourself and check it.

And a few more warnings:

Carefully read reviews about the product and the seller, pay attention to the rating. Do not be fooled by fraudsters and scammers.

If your package goes for a long time, do not blame the site or the seller, most likely the whole problem in the mail. Standard delivery time is from 20 to 40 days.

About Aliekspress reviews are written constantly. The site has been popular for a long time. Here you can buy inexpensive mobile phones, and exclusive branded things. It is also convenient that the site is Russified, which means that you will not have to use dictionaries and translators to register and order a thing.

Aliexpress. Expert Reviews

As those who are directly associated withInternet marketing, this site is also popular because it has a convenient interface, has a visitor and interests him instantly. In the eye rush various promotions, discounts and sales, bright photos and pictures. Also attractive and diverse system of payment from Western Union to Visa. Unfortunately, there is no only WebMoney.

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