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How to find "AliExpress" shop by name: possible ways

In the modern world, no one from the Internetnot to surprise. If a few years ago, residents of the CIS countries were skeptical about Internet orders, now such acquisitions have become commonplace. It's really much more convenient and cheaper than going to a regular store.

Advantages of online shopping

The first thing that catches your eye is the cheapness of the goods. For the most part this is due to the fact that entrepreneurs do not need to pay for renting a retail space and pay salaries to employees. Often the costs are only related to the content of the site and courier delivery, but the latter can be excluded if you cooperate with a third-party company.

The second advantage of shopping in the open airThe World Wide Web is a huge assortment. Typically, when making a wholesale order, the owners of standard stores are limited to a rather meager choice and buy for resale only those positions that are most popular among buyers. But on the Internet site you can find everything that the soul will want, in any size and color.

how to find an aliexpress store by name

The next thing that buyers will pay attention to -rational use of time. You do not need to go anywhere and look for the right thing for a long time. Just use the search, drive the necessary parameters into the filter system (such is equipped with most of the online stores) and make an order. After that, you can get it at the nearest post office or arrange delivery just to your home. Order everything: clothes, shoes, equipment, cosmetics, food and even animals or plants! In particular, this concerns the "shop giants", the world's largest trading platforms. This is what "Alyexpress" is. Today we will talk about this store and how to find "AliExpress" shop by name.

"Aliexpress" - goods at a bargain price or sell?

Now users around the world enthusiasticallyget acquainted with the website "Aliexpress", which offers goods from China at a bargain price. First of all, it is advantageous to do wholesale purchases, especially if the delivery charge is taken. But over time on the trading platform began to develop and retail customers. Indeed, most products can be purchased quite profitable. But we all know about "free cheese", and where it is. Therefore, the majority of users began to ask the question: why are prices so low, is not there some kind of dirty trick? There is, rather, a small snag. The fact is that the goods go directly from the producer's country and the delivery takes an average of about a month. Sometimes the goods go even longer: 2-3 months. Often it depends not only on the delivery service, but also on the seller. Who is the seller on "Aliexpress"? How on "Aliexpress" to find a store by name?

How to find a store on Aliexpress by number

Vendors and stores of "Aliexpress"

"Aliexpress" can not be called an online store. This is, rather, a trading platform, which can only be compared with the location of a huge shopping center, which hosts many shops. Conducting an analogy further, I want to note that you buy the goods not from the owner of the sales area, but from a specific seller, that is, the owner of the store. On "Ali" there are thousands of such stores, but the buyer needs to understand that the store = the seller. So if you hear about a certain salesman - know that it's about his store.

You ask: and why do you even need to know about some sellers, if you can order a product without even looking at the name of the store? The answer is simple: the quality of your product, the delivery time and ordering, the resolution of contentious issues and much more will depend on the particular store.

how to find the right store for aliexpress

Seller Rating

Domestic policy of "Aliexpress" foreseesrating system for each seller. Here you can see the ratings of the seller, his overall rating, as well as read reviews (do not forget that they can leave only real buyers). Be prepared and to the fact that you will have to communicate with the seller, if there is a need. For example, you can specify the details of the purchase, ask questions about the product, and then - start a dispute and agree on a refund of money if problems arise with the goods or their receipt. So how on "Aliexpress" to find a store by name? After all, often his search can take a huge amount of time.

how to find a particular store on aliexpress

How to find a particular store on "Aliexpress"?

This question is asked by many users. We will tell you how to find "Aliexpress" shop by name or number, but there are no other options. If you are just looking for a product with good reviews and a good seller's rating, it's enough to put "Seller's rating" in the filter line, and sellers with the best rating will line up at the top of the list.

How to find a certain store on "Aliexpress"? The first way to do this is quite simple. It is enough to drive into the search string of the site its name and find in the results obtained. If you are wondering how to find the desired store on "Aliexpress", in which you have already made a purchase, just click on orders, select the product and through its page go to the store.

Another way to find a seller is to dial in onefrom the search engines "site: aliexpress.com name seller", where instead of "seller" enter the name of the store or part of the name. This is a good way, as on "Alyexpress" find a store by name, if you remember the name only partially. But there is another proven option.

how to find a specific store on aliexpress

How to find a store on "Aliexpress" by number?

Each of the stores has its own specificA web address that includes a number. If you know him, finding the right trading floor will not be difficult at all. It is necessary to drive into the field for web addresses in the browser the following: "http://www.aliexpress.com/store/XXXXXX", where instead of "ХХХХХХ" specify the seller's number.

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