/ / Do you know how to properly tie cucumbers in greenhouses?

Do you know how to properly tie cucumbers in greenhouses?

When growing orchards are useddevices and devices that facilitate care and allow you to obtain a high yield per unit area. Also apply a variety of agro-practices. One of them is tying cucumbers, tomatoes and other plants. And do you know how to properly tie cucumbers in greenhouses?

how to properly tie cucumbers in greenhouses


Tapestry is a steel strong wire, whichpull up greenhouses along the rows. Its ends are tied to steel pins in the shape of the letter "P", which are driven into the wooden elements of the base. Hairpins do this: the pieces of steel wire are sharpened at the ends and bent in the shape of a brace.

Instead of wire, you can use nails withbitten off with a bonnet. How to properly tie a cucumber in a greenhouse with trellis? Do this as follows: twine tied to the bottom of the culture under the bottom of the leaf loose loop, and then they wrap the stem.

The upper end, with an allowance of 20 cm, is thrown onto the wire and tied with a knot "tie", a bow or a sliding eight-loop.

Instead of twine, you can use a cord, tape, butthey should not be too narrow, as they can cut a thin stem of cucumbers. The film from the reel tape recorder proved to be very good: it is strong, does not rot and does not get wet.

Some gardeners are lost in conjecture onabout how best to tie cucumbers - stronger or weaker? A small loop at the bottom of the stem with its thickening makes it difficult to inflow nutrients and can cause the death of the plant. If the twine is tightened strongly, the cucumber may break out of the soil as a result of the trellis oscillation. Therefore, you need to tie up without undue stretching, and as the stalk grows, twine around the twine.

Wooden stairs

How to tie cucumbers. A photo

In the spring-summer season, the question becomes urgent: "How to tie a cucumber?" The photo shows that for tying you can make special ladder of wooden racks section 15 x 15 mm.

Their length should be more than 10 cm from the trellis to the bed. In vertical racks, after every 15 cm, two-millimeter holes are drilled and burned matches are inserted.

Each plant needs 1-2 sticks. To make the design successfully used, make the cut rings of soft wire. Diameter of rings - 30 mm, quantity - 7 pieces per 1 plant.

How to properly tie a cucumber in a greenhousethe help of wooden ladders? First pull the wire. Cuttings are placed near the crop, when the fourth leaf appears and the plant begins to slope to the ground.

The ring is tied to the trellis and inserted into itthe top of the stairs. The lower end is put on the ground, the lower part of the plant is attached to the structure by a diluted ring. Matches will be a support for the steps. As the whips grow, they themselves will be attached to the wooden structure. This method is labor-intensive, but the ladders and rings will last for more than one season, and the harvest will pay for all expenses.


Grow cucumbers can be stretched verticallygrid. The plant itself clings to the support itself. In small greenhouses stretch in the form of a tent (obliquely) 2 mesh cloth. In this "tent" leaves and stems are not damaged, well ventilated, and the harvest is convenient to collect.

Can be used to support a strip of metalmesh length of 2 m and a width of 2 cm or light metal chains. Supports are attached to the cable with metal hooks and ropes. In greenhouses, the cable can be tied in several places to the roof for strength.

how best to tie a cucumber
How to properly tie cucumbers in greenhouses? There are several options, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The simplest thing is to make trellis. If there is time and desire - you can make stairs or make grids. In any case, the tied cucumbers will feel better and give a good harvest.

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