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How to save a picture from "AliExpress": instructions and recommendations

"AliExpress" - a Chinese online store, which in the last gained unprecedented popularity.

Popularity of the site "AliExpress"

There are no secrets of the site's success: prices are below affordable and the widest range. Many users sit for hours on the computer, choosing things, because the eyes really run away from a huge choice. Sometimes the question is the quality of goods, but also to this site by buying policy ensures safety and a number of measures to curb the activities of fraudsters and tricksters-sellers. The only thing that can embarrass - a long delivery. But satisfied customers have long determined that waiting is justified.

"AliExpress" is the main place of purchase of inexpensivegoods for both resellers and retail customers. In general, the interface of the site is quite easy to understand. The mobile version allows you to make purchases everywhere. But in the course of work with the site, buyers still have a number of questions, for example, how to save a picture from AliExpress. We will talk about this in more detail.

how to save a picture with aliexpress

Why save pictures from AliExpress?

In the process of choosing a particular product,users need to save a picture from the site "AliExpress." Say, to demonstrate a possible purchase to friends or relatives. Of course, you can always copy the link, but it's not always convenient.

So, the links in this online store often"burn", that is, they cease to be valid. Then the saved picture can help to find such a product. Or you want to ask an opinion about the product by showing it to subscribers or friends in one of the social networks, where the use of direct links is prohibited or there is no possibility of creating text posts. In the end, you may simply not have a connection to the Internet, and you need to demonstrate the goods urgently (especially in case of resellers). It is then that the need arises to save the image.

However, the site policy suppresses the downloading of photos fromsite, perhaps the leadership is trying to protect the rights of sellers with unique products. In any case, the usual way for us to save images through the right mouse button does not work here. Then how to download a picture from "AliExpress"? There is an exit.

search by picture on aliexpress

How to save a picture from "AliExpress"?

Let's start, perhaps, with the least practical ways, but they still exist. Use them quite possible for lack of others or at the request of the user. To do this, you need to disable Javascript for a while. After downloading all the necessary files from "AliExpress", the work of this module is recommended to resume for the correct operation of other sites. For different browsers, there are different ways to turn off Javascript.

For the browser "Google Chrome", "Yandex.Browser" or "Mail.Ru" in the search bar you need to enter (you can copy from here and paste) the following: chrome: // settings / content # javascript. After that, disable execution of Javascript in the appropriate box.

In the "Opera" this module turns off a little differently. Go to the settings or write in the address bar - opera: // settings. After that, disable "Javascript" in the "Websites" menu. If you have a different browser, you also need to "rummage" in its settings and find the ability to disable this module (this feature should be present in all browsers). After saving all the necessary settings, you can save pictures from "AliExpress" through the right mouse button without obstacles. But are there any other options? How with "AliExpress" to copy a picture in other ways?

how to copy an image with an aliaspress

Other ways to save images

Previously, more usersA simple way to save pictures. You could just drag the required image towards the address bar, but recently the method ceased to be effective. But do not forget about one small trick that allows you to save images from any resource. This method is useful for students or amateurs of "stealing" pictures from other sites where the policy prohibits conservation.

This is a simple screen shot. You can use the PrintScrin key (Fn + PrtScr for laptops) or download a special utility for creating screenshots, which will make this part of the work even easier. With the help of such programs, you can immediately select the area of ​​the screen that you need (in our case this is a picture from "AliExpress") and save it to the selected place.

If with a computer and software youon you, then you can find the code of the image by viewing the source code of the page. Also it is worth noting that in the mobile application the saving of pictures is not hampered, and if you switch from the browser to the mobile version, then you can download pictures using a computer. How to save the picture with "AliExpress", we sorted it out. In fact, there is nothing complicated.

how to download a picture with aliexpress

Search by picture on "AliExpress"

After you have already saved the picture, on ityou can find similar products. To do this, the search engine "Google" provides a corresponding function, called "search by picture." As a rule, in the search results the goods from "AliExpress" are in the first positions, however you can weed out other resources if you enter in addition to the request - site: aliexpress.com.

Now you know how to save a picture with "AliExpress", good shopping for you and a great mood!</ span </ p>

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