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How to order from "Aliexpress" in Crimea: instruction

Today, many users areto order from "Aliekspress" to Crimea. Some time ago, this procedure did not cause any problems. It was possible to carry out orders in exactly the same way as in any other city. But for some time now everything has changed. To date, ordering with "Aliexpress" in the Crimea is not so difficult as it seems. Nevertheless, all users will have to take into account some features of this process. What should they remember?

how to order with aliexpress in Crimea

Description of the site

"Aliexpress" - the largest service of Chinesegoods. This is a trading platform where suppliers place their products for further implementation. AliExpress works with individuals. Therefore, everyone can use the services of the service.

It should be remembered that this site is notonline store. It is a kind of intermediary between the manufacturer and the buyer. Delivery from "Aliexpress" is carried out almost in all countries of the world.

Briefly about the order of goods

Forming an order and getting it with the help of the studied service is not so difficult. Especially if you do not take into account all the nuances concerning the inhabitants of the Crimea.

How can I order a parcel from China with AliExpress to Crimea? The instruction for users as a whole looks like this:

  1. Register on AliExpress.com.
  2. Find the right product on the service.
  3. Study possible proposals and choose specific products.
  4. Generate an order.
  5. Choose the terms of delivery.
  6. Specify the method of payment for the goods. At this stage it will be necessary to deposit the requested amount of money.
  7. Valide purchase.

All that remains is to wait. After the done actions the user can safely wait for delivery of this or that order. When he is in the post office, the person must pick it up, presenting a delivery notification and identification card.

how to order with aliexpress in Crimea

Ways of forming orders

It should be noted that there are several options for ordering on AliExpress. They are available to all users.

What is it about? How to order from "Aliexpress" to Crimea or any other region? For this you can use:

  1. The computer and the official website of the service. This is the most common scenario. PC-version of the trading platform allows you to choose more payment methods.
  2. Mobile application. On Android there is a specialized application for AliExpress. With it, you can quickly visit the mobile version of the site and make an order.

Algorithms of action in both cases will beapproximately the same. Therefore, if a person knows how to form and pay for an order through a PC, he can also realize the idea from a mobile device without much effort!

Changes in the world

How to order with "Aliexpress" in Crimea? This issue has been of concern to all residents of the republic for the past several years. What is the reason for this?

This issue arises from the accession of the Crimeato Russia. Recently the Republic of Crimea became part of the Russian Federation. Since then, ordering here with "Aliexpress" has become more difficult. Moreover - Crimeans can face problems in the formation of orders, which do not meet residents of other regions of Russia.

how to order with aliexpress in Crimea from the application


How to order from "Aliekspress" to Crimea? From a phone or a computer - it's not so important. The main thing is that the transition of the republic to the Russian Federation led to big problems. Namely - to block certain orders.

Users actively complained about AliExpress,pointing out that all purchases in the Crimea are blocked. It was impossible to buy goods on the service. But since December 18, 2015, the official web-page appeared on the Internet that the marketplace under study accepts orders from Crimeans. In fact, you can make a purchase, but:

  • there are no guarantees that the issued order will not be blocked;
  • will have to buy the product with some features (about them later).

Therefore, some believe that with "Aliexpress" inCrimea can not order anything. In practice, this is not so. If you act correctly, you can use the studied trading platform without much difficulty!

check in

Now a little bit about each step of the order in more detail. Let's start with registering on the service. Here, users will not have problems.

How to order from "Aliekspress" to Crimea? A person should have a profile on the site. Without it, ordering is impossible.

Registration is reduced to the following manipulations:

  1. Go to AliExpress.com.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the "Delivery to ..." button.
  3. Choose a country - "Russia".
  4. Specify the currency in which the calculations will be made - "Rubles".
  5. Select "Russian" in the "Language" section. Usually, when you switch to "Aliexpress" from Russia, the Russian version of the site opens automatically.
  6. Click the "Register" button. It is located in the upper right corner of the page.
  7. Enter the requested data. Here you need to specify e-mail, customer's FI, password to enter.
  8. Enter the verification code from the image.
  9. Click on "Create profile".

A few minutes later, a letter with a link to activate the questionnaire will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration. Going over it, you can finish the process of creating a new profile.

how to order with aliexpress in Crimea from phone

Delivery address

How to order a parcel from China with AliExpress to Crimea? After registering a new user, you need to specify the address for the delivery of the goods. This is not an obligatory step. If you neglect it, you will have to fill in the information about the place where you received the goods each time you form orders.

In general, the process reduces to instructions:

  1. Go to the site "Aliexpress." After passing through the activation link, the user will be automatically redirected to the desired page.
  2. Open in the upper right corner of the "My profile".
  3. Select "Delivery addresses" in the left menu.
  4. Fill out the address form. Here it is obligatory to indicate the data on the recipient, the country of delivery, the street, the house, the recipient's apartment, the city of residence, the index, the telephone (in international form).
  5. Click on "Save".

Done! Once all the fields are filled, you can save the changes. The address will be added to the delivery locations. You can start looking for the necessary products.

Changes for Crimea

Nevertheless in the Crimea it is with this stage thatproblems arise. Therefore, many are interested in how to order with "Aliexpress." In Crimea it is really possible to make orders. But to do this, you will have to follow certain instructions.

When filling the delivery address, you need:

  1. In the "Country" section, specify "RF".
  2. In the field "Region / Territory" there is no "Republic" item. Therefore, you need to set the "Other" parameter here.
  3. Write the exact place of delivery. For example, the name of a city or village.
  4. Specify the zip code for delivery. At the very beginning it is necessary to write "2". After - the index itself. It can be found in the help desk or at the post office.

All other items remain unchanged. Now it is clear how to order from "Aliexpress" in the Crimea. In the village or in the city - it's not so important. The main thing is that from now on it is clear how the address of delivery of the goods is filled.

aliexpress in Crimea how to order

Important: all inscriptions must be in English. Otherwise, the address will not be saved.

Product search

The next step is to find the product. To implement it, you need to visit the page "Aliexpress" and type the search query in the appropriate line. It is at the top of the service.

Also you can use the catalog with filters to search. This solution is suitable for those who want to study the full list of offers on the site and choose something for further purchase.

Forming an order

Does "Aliexpress" work in the Crimea? How to order this or that product in the given republic?

The bulk of suppliers cooperate with the Crimea. Therefore, after searching for the goods, you can proceed with the formation of the order.

To choose products, you need:

  1. Search for goods.
  2. Click on the block with the product you are interested in.
  3. To study the parameters and conditions of cooperation with the supplier.
  4. Select (preferably) the delivery method.
  5. Click on the "Add to cart" button tothe goods could be issued together with other products of the service. If you click on "Checkout / Buy", the user will redirect to the order confirmation form only one (selected) thing.

When the user adds to the basket the right amount of goods, you can begin forming the order. It boils down to the following manipulations:

  1. In the section "My profile" go to the category "My shopping cart".
  2. Specify the order parameters for each item.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the "Checkout" button.

If a person has a coupon from AliExpress, he can use it. To do this, select "Use coupon" above the "Checkout" button and enter the discount code.


To order a parcel from China with AliExpress to Crimea is not so difficult. The main thing is to adhere to all the recommendations previously offered to the attention.

how to order a parcel from China with aliexpress in Crimea

Before clicking on "Checkout", you need to pay attention to the delivery of the goods. For each product, you need to specify your type of transportation.

Some suppliers offer freedelivery. But for today it is a huge rarity. After the delivery in the "Delivery" field of one or another way of transporting the product, the user will be able to understand when he or she will need to receive an order.


The final stage is payment for the goods. How to order from "Aliekspress" to Crimea?

To date, Crimeans can pay for goods with AliExpress:

  • through Qiwi, WebMoney, "Yandex.Money";
  • by credit card;
  • from a mobile phone;
  • cash on receipt.

Most often, the first 2 payment methods are used. Once the user chooses the approach he needs, you will need to enter your account information. In the case of electronic purses - the number of the purse, from the bank card - the data on the plastic and its owner, from the mobile phone - the account number from which the funds are written off.

If you pay in cash you can pay for the orderon the "Post of Russia", in "Svyaznom" and "Euroset". It is enough to name the employees of the respective companies the order number. It will be displayed on the screen after confirming the payment method.

From mobile

And how to order from "Aliexpress" in Crimea via phone? To do this, you will need to download a specialized application to your mobile device. You can find it on Google Play for Android.

Ordering in this case (in the presence of a registered account) will be reduced to the following actions:

  1. Download and install "Aliexpress for Android".
  2. Open the application. For its work, you need to connect to the Internet.
  3. Enter your login and password to log in.
  4. Search for goods.
  5. Select the desired products with the appropriate parameters and click on "Add to Cart" / "Buy".
  6. Go to the basket and specify the conditions of delivery and the number of ordered products.
  7. Click on "Checkout".
  8. Choose a payment method. In a mobile application, you can pay for an order only with the help of bank plastic or with Qiwi-purse. In the first case, you will need to specify the details of the card, in the second - the purse number.
  9. Confirm the operation by clicking on the "Pay" button.

From now on it is clear how to order from "Aliexpress" to Crimea from the application. All previously studied features of ordering are preserved.

Tricks for Crimeans

There are some more tricks that will helpresidents of the Crimea to buy Chinese goods from the studied trading platform. How to order from "Aliekspress" to Crimea? From a phone or PC - not so important. The main thing is that under certain circumstances, you can use some tricks.

order a parcel from China with aliexpress to Crimea

The first is to ask someone from friends or acquaintances in Russia to order goods from "Aliexpress", and after receiving it, send the products to "Russian Post".

The second is to place an order from the "left" address, inwhich will not be mentioned Crimea, and then quickly write to the supplier the desired delivery coordinates. In this case, you will need to register a new profile, not connected with the Republic of Crimea.

Perhaps, that's all. From now on it is clear how to order a parcel from China with AliExpress to Crimea. All the tips and advice offered to the attention are 100% effective. In fact, placing an order for "Aliexpress" is not too difficult task. A little care when making a purchase - and it's done!

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