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How to order from "Aliexpress" in Crimea: instruction

The largest Aliexpress portal in mid-2015imposed a ban on the registration of new accounts for residents of the Crimea, later the security service set restrictions on purchases for citizens residing in "unfavorable" regions. First of all it touched the Crimean territory. All paid but not sent orders were immediately canceled and payment restrictions were established for users who had addressed Crimea and nearby cities, such as Simferopol, Feodosia, Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Kerch. According to rumors, this was due to the sanctions imposed by the United States on Russia due to the annexation of the Crimea. Despite the fact that China does not support any sanctions against Russia and the Crimea, 55% of Aliexpress belongs to investors who support them.

how to order with aliexpress in Crimea

Many people are tormented by the question of whether it is possible to order"Alyexpress" to the Crimea now. Most users of Aliexpress's favorite online store are afraid to make orders, but they still continue to look for ways to solve the problem with delivery. Difficulties are primarily due to the fact that the system does not recognize the new location and suggests entering a different address.

What problems can arise when ordering

When placing orders for Aliexpress, users may encounter the following problems:

  • Registration and payment of the order passes, but later a message from the security service about the blocking of funds with a request to provide identity documents.
  • Orders issued are not received by the seller, as a result of which they are canceled due to the expiry of the term.
  • Orders are processed, but payment does not pass, an error is displayed.
  • Orders are not registered at all.
  • The account is blocked.

How to order with "Aliexpress" in Crimea

Crimean residents found several ways:

  1. Agree with relatives or acquaintances residing in another part of the Russian Federation to pick up the parcel, and then forward you.
  2. Specify an incorrect shipping address.
  3. Can you imagine how to order goods from "Aliexpress" in Crimea? You can try to negotiate with the merchant about sending the goods to the present address of residence.

how to order with aliexpress in Crimea 2016

Delivery through friends

You are tormented by the question of how to order a parcel with"Aliekspress" to the Crimea? It's simple: if you have close people living in another part of the Russian territory who are able to pick up the mail and forward it to you, you need to do the following:

  • Negotiate with relatives / friends and send them the necessary amount for sending the parcel to you.
  • Register a new user (you should indicate the data of the person who will receive the parcel, because you must present your passport upon receipt).
  • Pay for purchases on Aliexpress and arrange delivery to a friend's address.
  • Next, he needs to receive and forward the parcel to you.

Specifying an incorrect address

In connection with the changes that have affected the Crimea,parcels with Aliexpress began to come to other addresses or completely lost. The Chinese, in order to save money, blocked payment for them, which led customers to be confused: many still do not know how to order goods from "Aliexpress" to the Crimea. Here buyers also have thought up other way to make out and pay orders.

how to order goods with aliexpress in Crimea

This method is that the delivery addressis prescribed not quite right. Why not? The street, the building number, apartments, buildings and, most importantly, the index should be written accurate. Postal services all focus on the index, which determines the belonging to a certain region.

The main secret lies in the "field" column. Here you need to specify the Krasnodar region, since it is the closest to the Crimea. This trick the workers of the Russian Post understand, therefore all parcels and parcels will be sent to the right address. For example, the index and the country you write correctly: the Krasnodar region, the name of the street, the number of the house and apartment. As you can see, people do not sit idly by, and find answers to the question: "How to order through the" Aliexpress "in Crimea the necessary parcel?".

How to contact the seller

In order for the account not to be blocked inthe registration or payment process, the user needs to re-register. In the questionnaire, you must specify the correct personal information, but when filling out the line with the shipping address a little cunning and write any address located in another part of Russia, this is the answer to the question: "How to order goods from Aliexpress to the Crimea?".

Next, you should put the goods in the basket tothe seller saw that you are interested in acquiring. The Chinese are very scrupulous about getting profit and will be happy to help you. After the product is in the basket, you need to contact the seller by clicking on the yellow envelope, under which it says "send a message / contact the seller" located on the product page.

can I order with aliexpress in Crimea

Do not know how to order with "Aliexpress" in the Crimea? Simply describe in detail the situation to him, pointing out that in fact you are in the Crimea, and the address was incorrect, so that you are not blocked. In most cases, sellers try to help customers. After the seller has agreed, send him the real address and make sure that the index is written correctly.

What to do if the profile is blocked

When trying to place and pay for order profilesresidents of Crimea, Sevastopol and Simferopol are automatically blocked. You can not restore your account. All is not so terrible, if the orders issued earlier came safe and sound, and if not? If a buyer needs to issue a refund or open a dispute, what should he do in such a situation?

In this case, you should contact the administration of the online store for help, doing this as follows:

  • On the main page of the site, select the "Help" section.
  • Next - the "Support" tab.
  • In the window that appears on the right, there are serviceassistants (badge "girl in headphones"), which will help you understand this situation. You can communicate with a consultant in Russian. He will tell in detail what actions need to be taken.

If you do not have claims for orders, but a profileblocked, to restore it, unfortunately, will not succeed. In this case, you must register a new account. How to place an order and how to order things from "Aliexpress" to Crimea, you will find out below.

How to order in Crimea an order on Aliexpress

Do not know how to order with "Aliexpress" in the Crimea? 2016 and the current 2017-th special changes did not bring, there were only some tricks. The very design of the order should not cause any difficulties for the buyer, because this is the standard process of selecting the product and the relevant parameters. But in the completion of personal data should be disassembled in detail:

  • Do not know how to order goods to Crimea through "Aliexpress"? To place an order in Crimea, you need to go to this portal in the Russian version.
  • Register or login (for those who already have an account) and enter your personal account under your password and login.
  • In the drop-down menu on the left, select the "My orders" section.
  • Next, go to the "Addresses / Deliveries" tab.

In more detail, we will dwell on the exact filling of the delivery address and postal code for users of the online store in the Crimea. All information is filled with the letters of the Latin alphabet.

how to order a parcel with aliexpress in Crimea

So, let's begin:

  • Personal data - the surname, name, patronymic of the user.
  • Country / Region - indicate the Russian Federation.
  • Address - enter the name of the street, the number of the house and apartment.
  • City - it is necessary to indicate the name of the city / village in which you live, at the same point, the Republic of Crimea, for example, Simferopol, Respublika Krym, is written through a comma.
  • Region / State / Province - select Other from the list that appears.
  • Index - the number of the post office that servesyour home. All indices are preserved, only now they are six-digit and start with the number 2. If earlier your index was 46580, now when filling the delivery address it is necessary to specify 246580. This applies to the entire territory of the Crimea.
  • Contact number - mobile or stationary, should start with the seven, and not as before, with the number 3.

After filling all the lines, the information should be saved, after which you can start paying. In the future when placing orders, the specified address will pop up automatically.

How to order with Aliexpress in the NDP, LNR or Crimea

Do not know how to order with "Aliexpress" in the Crimea? 2016 brought another way to get an order with Aliexpress in the Crimea. To deliver goods from the online store, a special service "Our Mail" was set up in the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of Latvia, carrying out mail delivery with Aliexpress in the territory of the ATU and in the Crimea.

The order processing scheme is as follows:

  1. In the online store, an order is issued, the delivery address is indicated by the Russian branch of the company "Nasha Pochta"
  2. The next step is to register on the "Our Mail" website, provide information about the parcel and your contact details.
  3. We receive an order in one of the branches of your city.

Delivery services are paid, you can pay them at the time of receipt. So, the delivery from Rostov-on-Don will cost the buyer 150-300 rubles per kg of weight. The price depends on the region of delivery and the dimensions of the box.

how to order through aliekspress in Crimea

Step-by-step instruction for placing orders through the organization "Our Mail"

The first step is to register an order for an addressmail organization "Our mail". To do this, you need to register / log in to the Aliexpress online store, then go to the "Delivery address" section and fill in the required lines:

  • The recipient's name is Nasha Pochta and her initials (full name).
  • Delivery address - specify the address of the desired post office.
  • Region / Region - write the area where the post office is located.
  • City - we specify the settlement in which the branch "Our Mail" is located.
  • Index.
  • Phone - write your contact number.
  • Save the information, issue and pay for the order.

The next step is registration on the portal "Ourmail. "And the last stage is the registration of the order on the mail site.This can be done only after the seller sends the goods and sends you the track number.For registration, you will need to fill out an order form with some information:

  • Personal information (name, surname).
  • Phone number.
  • City of receipt.
  • Link to the product.
  • Order price.
  • The name of the online store.
  • Track number for tracking.

How to pay for goods on Aliexpress from Crimea

We disassembled in detail how to order delivery"Alyexpress" to the Crimea, and now we'll figure out how to pay for the goods. In Crimea, there are no international payment systems, such as Visa and MasterCard, while everyone is already used to paying for purchases online without leaving home. For residents of Crimea, online payment is available through Yandex. How to do it?

  1. Choose the product and click "Pay". In the methods of payment, we press the "Cash"
  2. Next, an email with a phone and a message with a code.
  3. You go to the user's personal area of ​​yourCrimean bank and replenish the account of "Yandex.Money", in the line "e-wallet number" enter the code from the message. Those who do not have Internet banking can replenish the Yandex.Money account through any payment terminal, but in this case it will be necessary to pay a commission for transferring money.

how to order things with aliexpress in Crimea

How much is a postal service to the Republic of Crimea

Average delivery time from Aliexpress to Crimeais 3-4 weeks. The deadline for receiving a mail item depends on how quickly the seller processes the incoming applications and the workload of the post office. In rare cases, buyers receive parcels in two weeks.

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