/ Why can not I open a dispute with Alyexpress?

Why can not I open a dispute with Aliexpress?

Buying goods on the site "Aliexpress" for a long timebecame part of the everyday life of many people. In the Chinese online store you can find almost everything: from a small barrette to pieces of furniture. To issue and pay for an order is not difficult. All processes are simple and understandable even for those who first use this service.

Most often, customers complain about the delivery time. Parcels from China can be on the road for several months, and sometimes completely lost. In such cases, site moderators give buyers the opportunity to open a dispute and return some or all of the money. But sometimes users complain that they can not open a dispute on "Aliexpress." Do not panic, most often the cause is a technical problem. But sometimes the fault lies with the buyer.

I can not open a dispute on aliexpress

"I can not open a dispute with Aliexpress. In what cases is the buyer guilty?

When the delivered product turns out to be badquality, does not correspond to the description or does not reach the destination at all, the buyer has only one way to return the money: open a dispute. But some users at this stage have problems: they can not open a dispute on "Aliexpress." Before blaming the technical support of the site, you need to make sure that the error was not committed by the buyer.

The user can not open a dispute on "Aliexpress", if:

  1. After the end date of delivery of the goods, more than fifteen days passed, and the buyer did not renew its time on time. In this case, the transaction is automatically closed.
  2. While viewing the details of the order, the buyer accidentally confirmed receipt of the parcel. The deal is also closed, but it is impossible to open a dispute.
  3. The buyer will not be able to count on the continuation of the dispute, if the conditions of the seller were accidentally accepted.

In such cases, users can only leave a negative feedback to the seller in order to warn other customers.

how to open a dispute on allexpress

How to open a dispute on "Aliexpress"? Error System is busy, try again late

Many users complain that after submitting an application for a dispute, the site issues a message about the "employment" of the system. How to open a dispute on "Aliexpress" in this case?

You can solve the problem in several ways:

  1. Wait until the system is operational.
  2. Call for technical support.

Before contacting technical support,the user needs to prepare for the dialogue. The buyer must make screenshots of each stage of creating an application for opening a dispute and save the images in a separate folder. Must be a screenshot of the error.

Communication with the technical support operator

how to open a dispute on aliexpress

It is believed that online support is available in Russian, but communication with operators will occur only in English. Therefore, you can open the tab with "Google translator" in advance.

There are several difficulties in communicating with operators:

  1. Service is not round-the-clock, therefore delay of the answer is possible.
  2. The time-out is three minutes. Thus, if the delay between messages is more than three minutes, then the user will "throw" out of the chat.

Although the operators and answer in a foreign language,their replicas are simple and understandable. Buyers should prepare response messages in the same form: short and simple messages. Most often after contacting technical support, the problem is solved within an hour.

The main mistakes in creating an application for opening a dispute

Is it possible to open a dispute on aliexpress

When the parcel is lost in transit or the goodsproved to be of poor quality, there is no need to speculate whether it is possible to open a dispute on "Aliexpress." It is not possible, but necessary. But sometimes when making an application, buyers make small mistakes that do not allow the process to be completed. Below are the most common of them:

  1. Characters in Russian are lost in the message window. The language is English.
  2. Do not copy the text from the translator, it is better to reprint it manually.
  3. At the end of the text message, it is recommended to put a period.
  4. Depending on the reason for the dispute, the user must add a photo or video confirmation to the message.
  5. It is necessary to carefully consider the acceptable formats for photo and video attachments, as well as their maximum size.
  6. If the buyer wants to return only a part of the money, then the fractional part of the amount is indicated after the point. For example, 5.30 dollars.
  7. The user needs to allow the site to show pop-ups.

Carefully reading the instructions will help you quickly apply for a refund for a defective or undelivered product.

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