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How to determine the size of rings on "AliExpress": instructions, tips, tables

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets - their diversity,presented on the website "AliExpress", is amazing. When choosing accessories, shape, color, stones and material of manufacture are taken into account. Difficulties in the purchase of these jewelry does not arise. But with the rings, the situation is different: the whole point is whether the decoration will fit. So how to determine the size of the rings? On "Aliekspress" after all there is no possibility of fitting? There are two options: the first - "finger in the sky", the second - an independent determination of the size.

Methods for determining the size of rings

Independent measurements to obtainnecessary numbers are simple. The main thing is to know how to determine the size of the rings. On "AliExpress" American indicators are presented, they need to be calculated and equated with the Russian ones. You can use one of the methods to determine the size:

  1. Use a thread, lace, or paper.
  2. Try on in a jewelry store.
  3. Having a glove available.

The first method is the easiest and most common. To measure the circumference of the rings, a thread, a string or a small piece of paper is needed. The selected measuring tool must be wound around the finger. One girth is enough. Mark the place of the joint with a marker or handle, rotate the workpiece and measure the distance with a ruler. The figure is the American size of the ring. The table below will help translate it into a Russian numeric value.

Russian ring sizes

The second method of calculation

Another system of calculus is more accurate. To measure the diameter, you need to take a thick thread, wrap five fingers at the base. The ring-workpiece must not be pressed on the skin and cause inconvenience when removed or worn. The ends of the threads should be twisted and cut. After measuring the length of the thread with a ruler and divide the obtained value by 15.7.

how to determine the size of rings for aliexpress

To determine the circumference of a circle,the initial length of the thread divided by 5. Now a close numerical value can be found in the tables "AliExpress." Russian sizes of rings correspond to the diameter of the circle.

ring size table

Brief instructions for men

The most difficult thing for men is when choosing a ring for a loved one through a worldwide network. You should carefully read the product description on the site. Rings on "AliExpress" are divided into two types:

  • one-dimensional;
  • with a choice of size.

When the reading phase is completed, determinethe size of the finger can be with the gloves that the girl wears. If her clothes are less than 44-46, he is M, then it is better to take the ring 17 mm or 17.5. Such a system is not accurate, but it's worth trying.

Sample rings in the jewelry store

If there is no desire to measure a finger and carry outcalculation, you can contact the nearest jewelry store. Sellers will help to establish the size of the rings to within a millimeter, thanks to a finger or conventional fitting.

If the above methods have helpedto figure out how to determine the size of the rings on "AliExpress", it's time to get acquainted with several important points before fitting the jewelry in the store:

  • It must be remembered that in hot weather the fingers swell a little. If fitting is carried out in the summer, then in winter the ring can slip.
  • Each finger should be measured separately, because they have different widths.
  • Before fitting it is undesirable to engage in heavy physical exercises.
  • Dimensions of rings on the left and right hand will be different. All because of the fact that the fingers of the left hand are thinner.

The product should not fall off the finger or, on the contrary, rub it. It should be removed several times and put on the jewelry to know exactly whether its size fits or not.

In addition, each seller in the online storeprovides different numeric values ​​in dimension tables. Then how to determine the size of the rings? On "AliExpress" you can contact the seller and clarify all the details you need before placing an order.

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