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How to untie a map from the App Store: tips, recommendations, instructions

Often, the owners of "apple" phonesthink about how to untie a map from the App Store. Changing the payment information causes some difficulties for people. If you correctly approach the solution of the task, you can solve the problem in a few minutes. So how can I delete or change information about a bank card tied to the App Store? What about the process must be known to every device owner from Apple?

Ways to disconnect

Main problems with changing or deletingpayment information on the iPhone is due to the fact that in the settings of the device there are no such actions. This does not mean that the subscriber does not have the rights to edit the data.

how to untie a map from the app store

How to untie a map from the App Store? There are several ways to do this. For example:

  • via phone or tablet;
  • through a computer.

No difference in how to act, no. It all depends on the person's personal preferences. Both approaches to solving the problem are considered official. Later they will be considered in more detail.

Mobile device

First of all, we will study the most common approach. It's about working with the "apple" device. How to untie a map from the App Store via phone?

To do this, you will need to have an Internet connection, and also adhere to a certain algorithm of actions. Which one? It boils down to the following manipulations:

  1. Enable iPhone / iPad. Wait until the operating system is fully booted. If the phone has already been turned on, shut down the previously running applications.
  2. Enter the main menu of the device. Find and visit the Settings section.
  3. Scroll the displayed list to the iTunesStore and App Store lines. Click on this menu item.
  4. Click on the App Store ID. Make authorization on the system, if required by the mobile device.
  5. Click on "View AppleID".
  6. Go to the Billing Information section.
  7. Set the parameter "No" in the corresponding window.
  8. Save changes. To do this, click on the "Done" button.

That's all. Now it's clear how to untie a map from the App Store on the iPhone. This task is realized in just a few minutes. But this is only one of several possible solutions. How else can the owner of mobile devices act from Apple?

how to untie a card from the app store via phone

iTunes to the rescue

For example, by working with a computer. This method is less common in practice, but it does occur. How to untie a map from the App Store?

To do this, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  2. Connect the "apple" device to the PC. To do this, you must necessarily use a USB cable.
  3. Start iTunes. Wait for a while - the devices will be synchronized.
  4. Log in with AppleID.
  5. On the taskbar in the "iTunes" select "Account" - "View ...".
  6. Enter the password to enter the profile. Click on "View" on the screen. You can press the Enter button on the keyboard to confirm the operation.
  7. Go to "Account Information" - "Edit".
  8. In the menu item "Payment method" set the parameter "No" and confirm the changes.

As soon as the request is processed, the new data will take effect. How to untie a map from the App Store? The answer to this question should not cause difficulties any more!

Possible problems

In fact, it is more difficult to make an exclusion than canto appear. User reviews indicate that sometimes the "No" item is missing from the payment information. Accordingly, you can untie the card only by replacing it with a new one. Why is this happening?

how to untie a map from the app store on iphone

Among the most common causes of this phenomenon are:

  1. The presence of debt on a bank card. Item "No" appears after repayment of the debt.
  2. The subscriber enters the family access group. Editing billing information will be handled only by its organizer. Therefore, all described actions must be performed on the "main" device.
  3. Man first enters the App Store. The first time you need to enter payment information. Re-entry will solve the problem with the missing "No" button in the corresponding menu section.
  4. The subscriber has the option to automatically renew the subscription. To think about how to untie a map from the App Store, you do not have to after the subscription is disconnected.
  5. A person has changed his country of residence or region. In this case, you need to enter billing information, and then re-enter the App Store.

If all of the above situations are exhausted, but you can not untie bank plastic, it is recommended to take the device to a service center or ask for help with Apple technical support.

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