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How to untie Apple ID from iPhone: tips, recommendations, instructions

iPhone enjoys the modern populationquite a large demand. "Apple" phones attract new customers. But not everyone knows that these devices require separate knowledge to work with them. Otherwise, you can achieve that the smartphone will turn into a device from which there is no sense. Call it will not work, send messages too. Today we have to understand how to untie the Apple ID from the iPhone. What is this? Why do I need Apple iD?


First, we'll figure out what's called the Apple ID. This is a kind of user profile of the "apple" device. It consists of a login and a password. Needed to work with the operating system of a mobile phone.

how to untie an apple id from iphone

Think about the embodiment of the taskit is necessary before buying a gadget. Otherwise, the new user will not be able to use the device. He will not have his profile on the smartphone, which makes a mobile combination of plastic and metal, which is not endowed with any functions. So what are the options for the development of events?

Through the device

The first thing we will try to answer is how to untieApple ID from iPhone 5 (or from another "apple" gadget), using only one or another device. This is suggested in several steps. If you have data from Apple iD, coping with the task will be easier than it seems.

how to untie apple id from iphone 5

So, the separation "Apple ID" occurs after the following manipulations:

  1. Enable mobile phone / tablet. Wait until he is fully ready for further work. If the iPhone is already enabled, it is recommended that you shut down all previously running applications.
  2. Open the main menu of the device. Go to the "Settings" section.
  3. Click on the line labeled iCloud.
  4. Find the "Exit" function in the window that appears. Click on the corresponding button. Confirm your actions.
  5. Select "Remove from iPhone" in the window that appears.
  6. Dial in the dedicated fields the data from the Apple ID.

As a rule, after the done actions the profile from the "apple" phone will be untied. For more confidence it is recommended to take a few more steps. Which ones?


How to untie Apple ID from iPhone 4? In the same way, as well as from all other "apple" devices. The previously proposed algorithm works perfectly on all modern "iPhones".

In order to permanently erase all the attributes of the previously activated profile, you need:

  1. Open the "Settings" - Basic menu.
  2. Go to the "Reset" item in the list that appears.
  3. Click the "Erase settings and content" button.
  4. Click several times on the line "Erase iPhone". If you previously used the unlock password on your device, you will need to dial it to complete the operation.

That's all. After that, the mobile phone will reboot, all information on it will be formatted. The device is fully ready for use!

how to untie an apple id from an iphone 4

Via iCloud

The next scenario is finehelps in the implementation of the task at hand, when access to the gadget is no longer there. For example, if the phone was stolen. How to untie Apple ID from iPhone in similar circumstances?

To do this, it is sufficient to follow certain instructions. They look like this:

  1. Turn on the computer. It must be connected to the Internet.
  2. Open the site icloud.com. Log in using the Apple ID.
  3. Visit the "Find the iPhone" section. Select the "All devices" button.
  4. Click on the "apple" gadget, from which you need to implement the denouement.
  5. A small panel with several buttons appears on the right side of the screen. Click on "Erase iPhone".
  6. After the warning click on "Erase". Enter information from "Apple IT".
  7. Alternately click on the "Next" and "Finish" buttons.

From now on it is clear how to untie the Apple ID from the iPhone. But all these variants of the development of events are suitable only for those who have profile data. What if the person does not have such information? For example, if someone found someone else's iPhone.

Without login and password

Reply to this question is not as simple asit seems. After all, all "apple" smartphones have the function of Activation Lock. This is a kind of protection against breaking accounts. Earlier, Apple allowed to check the presence of this lock and reset it. But in 2017, this option was closed.

how to untie apple id from iphone 5 without knowing the password

Now answer the question of how to untieApple ID from iPhone 5, not knowing the password, it is impossible. No profile data can not do without addressing this issue. The phone simply activates the Actiation Lock function, which will make an useless device out of the "apple" device.

What does it mean? Without login and password from Apple ID, there's no way to make an excuse. Even in the service center. But now we know how to untie the Apple ID from the iPhone, if the relevant data for the person is.

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