/ How can I pay for my purchases on eBay?

How do I pay for my purchases on eBay?

Each visitor to the trading platform "Ibei" inFirst of all, he asks himself how to pay for selected goods on eBay. Here everything is not so difficult, and the buyer does not need too much action. In fact, the system does everything automatically, you just confirm or reject this or that action.

how to pay for ebay

Step One - Identify

To begin with, decide on what exactly you areorder and from whom. For convenience, all prices are indicated in the currency of the country of which the buyer is a citizen (hence the ending of the site name: ".ru", ".ua", ".com"). In addition, by filling out your profile, you indicate what country you live in. Prices sometimes differ because of the dollar exchange rate, but usually not more than 1.5-2 rubles. Before you pay for eBay for your order, see what kind of payment the seller takes. In most cases, this is the PayPal payment system. In addition, the administration of the site introduces this method of payment, as the only possible and safe at the moment.

how to pay for goods on ebay

Step Two - Checkout

So, you chose a product, now you need to place it in the order. How it's done?

  • Near the selected product you need to click "buy now" ("buy now").
  • Automatically displays you to the login page if you have not already done so.
  • Then the window with the order item, cost, delivery address and the "next" button will automatically open, click on it.
  • Again, you will be automatically signed in to your PayPal account.
  • There you just need to confirm your order and pay for the transaction (the "continue and pay" button).

How to pay for goods on eBay?

After confirming the order for you to the internalmail and Email will be notified that the order has been paid and is waiting for sending. This transaction is better to save in electronic form just in case. You yourself do nothing, just read carefully what the system offers. When will the order go? It depends on when the seller sends it. Attention! Terms of payment have become tougher! Now you are given two days to deposit money for the ordered goods. At the end of this time, the seller can open a case for an outstanding payment. Before you pay for an eBay order, make sure that you have enough money (not to mention that the goods are really needed, and you are sure of your choice). After the payment has been made, it is no longer possible to cancel the order! PayPal offers at the time of purchase to make a voluntary donation of $ 1. By the way, the first payment defaults with this fee, so you confirm your participation in the system, this is the norm.

how to pay for an order on ebay

About the delivery time of the order

Pay attention to the delivery time, so that laterDo not worry about where your order went and how long to wait for it. Before you pay for the order on eBay, carefully read the section "Policy of Acceptable Forms of Payment". Unfair buyers and scammers are often asked to replace the payment method at their convenience. Do not fall for the tricks of such "comrades"! Also, before paying for an eBay order, make sure that you have chosen exactly what you need. The trading platform is intended for sale not only new, but also the used things! From your carelessness, only you will suffer. Especially for your convenience, most of the information is provided in your own language both on the site site and in the payment system. Just be very careful. Successful shopping for you!

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