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Unusual wrist watch for women and men

Wristwatches not only serve as a mechanism fortime, but also an indicator of the status of owners. They can have a classic look or an absolutely amazing shape. Now the wrist watches are of unusual design.

First models

Only in 1571 there was a mention of such amechanism. Thus, Earl Dudley presented as an unusual gift a watch in the hands of the Queen of England Elizabeth I. This mechanism was attached to an expensive bracelet with diamonds and pearls. Such unusual wristwatches have been appreciated by the owner on merit.

Men in those days are extremely skepticalbelonged to wristwatches. They were worn only by women. This trend continued until the early 20th century. During this period, wars were actively waged, and men realized that wearing a watch on your arm is much more convenient than in your pocket or on a chain on your belt. In this way they liberated the hand for better combat.

It was the military who came up with cheap leather strapsfor fixing the watch. Then the production of such mechanisms was established. Were invented by the ears for fastening the straps and protective grilles on the arrows. Over time, they were replaced by a better and stronger glass.

Unusual Wrist Watch: Mens

The model of the clock "Knights of the round table" canown only a wealthy man. In this mechanism there is gold and precious stones. The cost of such a model is determined almost in 218 thousand dollars.

unusual wrist watches for men

The clock is in the form of a round table, followed byassembled knights. Figures are made of pure gold. The knights point to time with their peaks. Inscriptions and numbers are made in ancient English with preservation of the style of writing.

Waterproof model Roger Dubuis Easy Diveris made of rose gold. Her design is truly masculine. The internal mechanism is not closed and is made in rough processing. The strap is made of crocodile leather. This model will cost the owner more than 130 thousand dollars.

To break records on cost could unusualwristwatch "Alexander the Great". On the dial are the figures of the commander and the enemy army. They are made of gold. All the parts are provided and executed, up to small pieces of clothing. When the clock arrow moves forward, the figures also move.

The "Solar System" model shows the owner,that the universe is huge, and our fuss is only decay. The watch is made in the form of a model of the structure of the solar system. On the dial is marked not 12, but 24 hours.

Unusual wrist watch: female

For girls, manufacturers also came up with several interesting models. OZO Watch has an original design of the dial. Inside the main circle there are two smaller ones in the form of a figure eight.

In the upper small dial, the clock is marked, and in the lower one - minutes. The data fix the hourglass in the middle. This model costs about 200 dollars and will be an excellent gift for your beloved girl.

Handmade watches that display ondial the dreams, have a philosophical meaning. Figures inside are made very high quality and carry the dreamer's dreams. The flight of the star indicates minutes, and the steps of the little man on the ruler with the markings - for hours.

The model with squid inside will appeal to young girls with a good sense of humor. The tentacles of a monster point to time. A bright mollusc will become a favorite of the hostess inside.

unusual wrist watches

For ladies in love, the original model,on the dial of which the figures mingled in a disorderly combination. The inscription "Happy hours do not watch" every time will remind you of romance and love to the owner.

Ultra-modern models

Eye of the Storm are among the simplest and at the same timesame time to the original watch. They do not have a dial - inside is a carved circle. There is a small button on the side, when you press it, the time indication in small print appears.

Pebble refers to smart watches, only with an unusual dial. It is made of paper, which is used for electronic books. So the model works for a week without recharging.

unusual wrist watch

"Bradley" - a model that is designed forunseeing people. On them, the figures are bulky, and for a while indicates a small ball, which rolls in a circle. A blind person can determine hours and minutes by tactile sensations.

Models of unisex

An unusual wristwatch was developed, which can be worn by men and women:

  • "Second of Happiness" - time is indicated by two pupils on eyes (dials can be replaced);
  • "Broken dial" and inside time in electronic form;
  • manual work with the image of knocked out animals or fish;
  • a model of a fatalist with the inscription: "Remember that you will die";
  • dial with inverted arrows in the opposite direction.

unusual wrist watch

The photo above presents an unusual wristwatchfor half a million dollars made by hand. In them each detail is drawn with a very thin feather. At the bottom on the dial are attached miniature birds that feed their chicks. This action takes place in a mechanical mode. Many parts are made of gold. On the dial there are many elements adorned with precious stones.

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