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How to prepare an omelet in an oven?

For some reason in memory there was an omelet from a kindergarten- high, elastic, juicy, with a delicate crust, aromatic and ruddy. No matter how much we cook, what recipes would be taken as a basis, the omelet in the oven turns out best.

Today I want to share with you the secrets of cooking exactly this dish. How to cook an omelet in the oven correctly? To make it gentle and lush and not fall off after it is on the plate.

Before you prepare an omelet in the oven, you mustremember: you must strictly observe the proportions that are indicated in the recipe, the oven should be opened only at the end of the cooking process, otherwise the splendor will evaporate and you will get a thin cake. The ideal temperature for cooking 190-200 degrees.

Baking time depends on the volume, on the average is 25-30 minutes.
Some cooks (and sometimes even professionalcooks) advised to add soda and flour. Lies. Unscrupulously. No soda, no flour! The main thing here is the ratio of milk and eggs. If a couple of eggs and two tablespoons of milk are enough for a portion of the usual omelet that is cooked in a frying pan, then in order to prepare a magnificent omelette in the oven, you will need much more milk. And they do not need to be beaten to foam. How to prepare omelettes in kindergartens? Stir the milk and eggs. Just imagine: hundreds of two eggs and 10 liters of milk. And all this is beaten up by a mixer? No. Stir thoroughly. Believe me, this will not affect your omelet in the oven. And there ... See for yourself.
To prepare six servings, take 10 large eggs, 330 ml of milk, salt (1 teaspoon), 70 g of butter (cream).

Turn on the oven (let it warm up for now). We lubricate the frying pan with oil (or molds prepared in advance). Pour the milk into a deep bowl. We add salt, eggs. Stir thoroughly. This mixture is poured into a mold and put into a preheated oven. The baking time is 30 minutes. Omelet, cut into portions, lubricate with oil and sprinkle with chopped parsley (this is already an amateur).

Now little tricks. To make an omelet in the oven was successful, the form should be filled no more than 1/3. Tales that when baking the volume increases several times very far from reality. It really increases. But very insignificant. The omelet in the dining room was high for one simple reason: there are a lot of people, and there are not enough molds. And they use large baking sheets there. After all, this is not a few servings for the family. In the dining room, at least a man of 200, and is preparing for 5-7 baking trays, so it was filled, as they say, "to the eye", more, and therefore higher.

The omelette always falls. And that does not mean that you did something wrong. In the oven, the temperature is not uniform. At the door, for example, it is always lower. Even if your oven is super-modern, has a fan and a special inner coating, the edges are always roasted first, and only then the middle, which falls off. By the way, in the dining room, the omelets also fall off. Simply virtuosic cooks manage to cut it so that it's not obvious to the common man in the street.

Stories that a real omelet is obtainedhigh and never settles, do not correspond to reality. Need a good volume? Choose a shape that is narrower and with high sides. And observe the proportions and temperature conditions.

Omelet in the oven belongs to the category of dishesdietary, allowed for frequent use. It's really tasty, and useful. And various additives and options will help you to diversify the menu. I recommend you to try an omelette with mushrooms and herbs, an omelette with cheese and butter, an omelette with tomatoes and chopped greens, an omelette with vegetables. Ideally, add ingredients that are not part of the basic composition, you need after cooking, or the omelet will necessarily settle. For example, cheese, grated on a large grater, sprinkles on top of a hot still omelet. Vegetables preferably served as a side dish.

Enjoy your meal!

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