/ How many grams of protein are in one egg?

How many grams of protein are in one egg?

At the present time, a very healthyfood. A person can stick to it for different purposes: someone needs to get rid of excess weight, someone just tries to keep himself in shape, and some, on the contrary, seek to increase muscle mass. Chicken eggs are needed to achieve any of these goals. A protein deserves special attention. Everyone has heard that it is not recommended to abuse yolk, because it contains a lot of cholesterol. With protein, the situation is different: you can take it as much food as you want, but you still need to know the measure. For this purpose it is necessary to take into account the caloric content of the egg protein and at least approximately to presume how many in one egg a gram of protein.

Egg protein - muscle builder

Those people who are actively engaged in bodybuildingand fitness, great attention is paid to muscle mass. To do this, the body must necessarily receive protein in the required amount, which is calculated individually.

How many grams of protein in one egg
Products with a high content of these nutrientsthere are a lot of substances, but eggs occupy one of the leading places. To calculate how many eggs per gram of protein in one egg, you need to know the approximate weight of the egg itself. Well, if you have electronic kitchen scales: then you can make the most accurate calculations. But if they are not, then it is worth remembering that on average one egg weighs about 60 grams, of which gram 20 belongs to the yolk. But do not assume that, using the remaining 20 or 30 grams, you can get the same amount of pure protein. It also contains water, therefore, in order to find out how many grams of protein are in one egg, we need to take into account the nutritional value per hundred grams of the product. So, in a hundred grams of egg protein contains 11 grams of protein, with a calculation of 20-30 grams you can get only 3-4 grams of pure protein in one egg.
How many grams of protein in one egg
Athletes know that in one mealthe body absorbs about 30 grams of protein. Therefore, to get the rate necessary for stable muscle growth, it is worth eating 8 eggs - and only 1 yolk, and the rest is protein.

Egg white for low-calorie diets

In addition to bodybuilders who closely followfor the growth of muscles, egg white is consumed by many girls who eat low-calorie foods. It is not so important for them to know how many grams of protein in one egg, as they are guided by the low content of fats, calories and carbohydrates.

Caloric content of egg white
Egg whites are great for this type of food, because they are a natural and useful product, and also contain few calories.

The caloric content of the egg protein is 100 grams not more than 48 kcal, and in the egg of one egg about 14 kcal.

It is very small, but eggs are a satisfying product, therefore, including them in the diet of low-calorie diets, you can get rid of the constant feeling of hunger without damaging the figure.

To remember how many in one egg a gram of protein, as well as calculate its caloric value, you can use a special table.



100 gr10,90,20,748
1 PC3,80,10,214

It helps to avoid confusion and clearly calculate the daily protein requirement for eggs obtained from eggs and the number of calories necessary for each individual.

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