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How to choose a detergent

To get lost in the variety of food choices,represented today by numerous firms, is very easy. Often the buyer goes on about the beautiful advertising and uses not quite what he really needs. Such concepts as safety and quality are pushed into the background. Thus, detergent powder is often chosen.

washing powder

Components of washing and washing-up liquids are substances:

  • surface-active;
  • bleaching;
  • binding;
  • auxiliary.

Each of them performs its own separate functions.

How to choose a detergent

To choose the optimal powder,it is necessary to take into account the following: presence of hard-to-remove stains, degree of contamination, type of washing machine and type of fabric. If the clothes are not heavily soiled, then there is no point in using expensive powder. In this case, the usual can do.

baby washing powder

Choosing a detergent, first of all,forget about all the commercials that you see every day on TV. Carefully study the packaging. Best of all, if it says "non-toxic" or "environmentally friendly".

Read the composition. Remember that you will use powder to wash clothes and linen, with which your skin will daily contact. The substances in the composition should not be harmful to health.

Since you are washing clothes and white and color, thenand the powders must be different. It is also advisable to purchase a special stain remover that will help you cope with even the most difficult contaminants. It will help any mistress powder to fix the color. With it, you can extend the life of any thing. There are also universal options. A good example is the washing powder "Dalli". He will help out in any situation. Even old spots are subject to him. It perfectly rinses and does not leave white stains on colored linens.

washing powder dalli

Washing powder can be designed asfor manual and machine wash. these species differ in the concentration and amount of foam formed. Powder for machine washing should not fall on hands, as it can corrode the skin. If you bought a product for manual washing, and it does not foam well, this indicates its low quality.

How to use a washing powder

It is very important to correctly determine the dose of the powder,necessary for washing. As a rule, they are indicated on the packaging. Manufacturers of expensive powders put a measuring glass in a pack. It is very convenient and helps to save.

Calculate the amount of powder can andyourself. For 1 kilogram of laundry take a tablespoon of funds. If the bookmark is full, then you can take a little more. By observing such rules, you will be sure that the linen is well washed and rinsed.

Children's laundry detergent

Choice of powder for washing children's clothesbecomes a real problem for young mothers. Many kids have allergies to household chemistry. In this regard, manufacturers of such products had to think about creating special "soft" powders. On the packaging you will always see special icons that indicate that the product is hypoallergenic and safe for children.

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