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Why not give a watch?

In fact, the question is, of course, controversial. But, at least, this statement deserves study. So, you can not give a watch? Perhaps, if you strongly believe in signs, it is better to abstain from such gifts. A person who is sure that something will happen to him will involuntarily pull his fears into his life. Indeed, judging by Chinese traditions, giving a watch is a bad omen.

In any case, if the person who receivessuch a gift will turn out to be superstitious, then he will begin to expect trouble. And faith, as you know, is the fulfillment of the expected and the confidence in the invisible. And yet, why not give a watch? Probably, this omens should have some background.

So it is, and it turns out, such a signa lot. In particular, it is believed that you can not give a clock to your beloved guy. True, if the boyfriend bored you with his importunity, then you can, on the contrary, in this way try to scare him off his doorstep. Well, let's start with the Chinese signs, perhaps. As you know, in our time in fashion, Chinese horoscope, philosophy, martial arts and so on.

So why not give a watch, in Chinesesigns? And because the local people believe that this action can be interpreted only as an invitation to a funeral. About whose funeral speech there is, and on what basis such assumption is made, it is not specified, but many people believe in such a sign quite sincerely.

And our Slavic signs, what they say? Why not give a watch? They say that our ancestors believed that such gifts lead to parting not only with loved ones, but also with close friends. And did you know that the first hours on Earth were sunny and nobody could give them to anyone simply physically? Then came the water, which, according to history, was invented in Greece. Wrist watches appeared almost in our time and were made purely for women, and men wore pocket on a chain.

That's it! Our ancestors, the Slavs, most likely, generally oriented on the sun, stars, various natural phenomena. But what can you do, if the sign claims otherwise? In general, I personally made such gifts repeatedly, and everything was in order. But one day I broke a small mirror and believed that it was a terrible sign, and something bad was going to happen. So it was, and troubles haunted me for quite a long time. It was a real black band in my life.

And here is the clock? Maybe with anything, but faith in signs, in my opinion, to the point.

In the end, we are doing research, andwe are interested in - why it is impossible to give a watch according to legends. That is, what exactly are the signs. And here is another such legend. According to her, you can not give any sharp objects, and in fact in the hours the shooters have sharp ends. It turns out that such a gift can cut the binding relationship invisible thread.

In Japan, there is a sign that such giftstantamount to the wish of death to man. Now imagine that your boss at work gives you a watch. What could this mean? Can be understood in two ways. For example, in this way, you are made to understand that it's enough to be late for work and, in general, it's time to get more collected. But maybe, on the contrary, the boss very much appreciates your work?

Here is another sign, why not give a watch. Because in this way you shorten the life expectancy of the person you give.

In fact, the most important, perhaps, ispsychological aspect. So I told my story with a broken mirror. By the way, as luck would have it, one then was a "connoisseur" who did not hesitate to make a frightened face and began to dedicate me to the significance of this omen. I, too, became frightened, and fears subsequently came true.

But a good watch to receive a gift, I would todaydid not refuse. The problem is that all are literate and understand that it is impossible to give such gifts. But I know what to do in this case. Just symbolically pay for it. Give the donor small money. Do not forget to smile in order not to embarrass a good person.

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