/ Men's wristwatch Orient. Brand history, popular models and customer reviews

Men's wristwatch Orient. Brand history, popular models and customer reviews

If you want to describe the Orient watch in a few words, thenthey will be quality and accessibility. For more than 50 years, this brand is the benchmark in its price segment. The company has its own production facilities, technologies, experienced employees. They are made in factories in Japan, Singapore and Brazil. Orient watches are mechanical, quartz and even powered by a photocell.

Brand History

The company was founded in 1950, in Tokyo, but it can be argued that the history of ORIENT WATCH Co., Ltd began much earlier.

In 1901 Atsugoro Yoshida opened a shop in Tokyo and a watchmaker's shop. In 1920 he began the production of a desk clock, in 1934 - wristwatches, and in 1936. A factory was opened for the production of the latter, in the Tokyo Hino district. But during the war it was suspended. And after the resumption of work in 1945, there were often conflicts with workers and in 1949 the production of watches ceased. In 1950, the equipment from Hino was transferred to a factory in Tama (Tokyo district) where the watch was launched, a year later called Orient. The first under this name was the Star model.

In 1955 a very important event took place for the company - it entered the international market, namely Orient watches began to be supplied to China.

In 1959, a series of premium watches Royal appeared. To date, she and the Orient Star are one of the most expensive with the manufacturer.

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Choosing Priorities

Since 1970, the company began to focus its attention on mechanical watches and became the leader in their production in Japan, but lost to Seiko, Citizen and Casio championship among quartz watches.

It is noteworthy that the Orient watch, unlike themany other brands, have a mechanism fully developed and manufactured by the company's specialists. This serves as a guarantee of its quality and impeccable work.

In 2001, Seiko Epson acquiredpart of Orient shares, and in 2009 became the owner of 52% of shares. It is noteworthy that it produces watches of another popular eponymous Japanese brand. But still Seiko and Orient work separately, as two independent manufacturers. Since 2010, brand factories are opening in countries with cheap labor.

Popular Models

Orient watches with automatic winding of the Bambino series areclassic manufacturer. Strict, elegant, a bit retro, but laconic. Three hands, a date window, a leather strap - they fit any clothing and event.

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Many buyers are interested in whether you need to manuallywind up such Orient watches. The answer to it is unambiguous - no. The mechanism is triggered only by shaking the watch on your wrist, and in order to start the clock urgently, you need to put them on for a few minutes or shake several times. And if you wear them without removing during the day, then the mechanism remains a reserve charge for 40 hours.

A series of Mako models is one of the most popularwaterproof watch Orient. The manufacturer recommends using them only during normal swimming, but many buyers do not take their watches even during diving. After all, the declared degree of moisture resistance is 20 atmospheres. The case is made of stainless steel, the head of the plant is screwed with bolts. With a strict and stylish design, the Orient Mako men watch suitably in both water and land. Their mandatory attribute is the bezel (lunette), which allows you to mark the time.

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Orient Crystal watches have been produced for almost forty years. A special feature of the series is a metal steel bracelet and a mechanism on 21 ruby ​​stones. Some models also have a bezel.

Do not forget that this Orient wrist watchcan be purchased only from authorized dealers. Choose a store with a good reputation and which can document the right of cooperation with the brand. After warranty repair of some series of watches is carried out only at a factory in Japan.

Customer Reviews

Watch Orient, regardless of the type of mechanism,can boast a high level of accuracy. This is not only the promise of the manufacturer, but also the many years of experience of many buyers. A perfect combination of "price-quality" makes the clock a profitable investment - they do not lose attractiveness and serve for a long time. Complaints cause quality of assembly of metal bracelets, especially closing elements, they tinkle a little. But still it does not stop the brand's fans from buying a few hours, because their democratic value allows you to experiment with different styles.

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Reminder for the buyer of mechanical models

To have a long time serving you, consider the following:

  • You can not translate the date from 8 pm to 3 am. The fact is that at this time the mechanism is just busy with this operation, and if you produce it manually, it can lead to malfunctions in its operation.
  • Protect the watch from items that canto exert a magnetic influence on it. This list includes cell phones, tablets (especially in cases with magnetic fasteners) and laptops. The influence of magnetic fields can lead to a violation of the accuracy of the mechanism.
  • Carefully start a watch with a manual type of plant, it's best to do this before you put them on your wrist. Stop the operation when you feel a little resistance.
  • Do not forget to return the head of the plant to the originalposition or carefully twist it, after you have changed the time or started the clock. Otherwise, dust or moisture can get into the mechanism, which will seriously harm it.
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