/ / "Chlormicept": instructions for use, composition, precautions

"Chlormicept": instructions for use, composition, precautions

Disinfectant "Chlormisept", instructionon the use of which is in each package, is widely used in medical institutions for cleaning wards, corridors, doctors' offices from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

chloromisept instructions for use

Description and composition of the substance

The disinfectant used forpreventive, current and final cleaning in various public institutions. Suitable for washing children's toys, furniture in hospitals, hotels, hostels. Used for disinfection of medical devices, cleaning equipment, sanitary equipment.

"Chlormicept", the instruction on which applicationallows to prepare special solutions with different amounts of chlorine, it is characterized by antimicrobial properties. Its main substance is the sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid, which is highly soluble in water and has a negative effect on a variety of microbes, including tuberculosis, viruses, fungi. It is made in the form of tablets or granules.

This means belongs to the third class of hazardous substances when ingested in the stomach and to the fourth class of low-risk components when in contact with the skin.

chloromisept tablets

"Chlormicept": instructions for use

Antimicrobial agents are prepared with working solutions with different percentage of chlorine. Tablets or granules are diluted with tap water in any container: enamel, glass, plastic.

To prepare 0.015% solution you need1/2 tablets per 10/20 liters of liquid, respectively. The more substance is used, the more saturated will be the solution with "Chlormicept" (tablets). Instruction, the use of the tool necessarily precedes its reading, is detailed in the form of a table. Tablets are used to wash not only different surfaces, but also suitable for washing clothes, cleaning the dining room and laboratory dishes.

chloromisept instructions for use

Precautionary measures

This means is characterized by a low level of danger. However, when working with it, the following precautions should be taken into account:

  • It is not recommended to come in contact with this substance to people prone to allergic reactions, respiratory diseases;
  • It is necessary to protect the skin with gloves;
  • during the preparation of liquid, the container with it must be tightly closed;
  • when using a 0.015% solution, cleaning can be carried out in the presence of other people, without eye and respiratory protection;
  • after using the product, it is recommended to do a wet cleaning and to ventilate the room, room;
  • Keep the substance in a well-ventilated area away from food, medicine and children.

Thus, for public institutions, inAs a disinfectant, it is recommended to use "Chlormicept". Instructions for use of the substance describe the preparation of working solutions with the required percentage of chlorine.

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