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Medication Tereralgen. Instructions for use

"Teraldzhen" means has antitussive, antipsychotic, antiemetic, antispasmodic, hypnotic, antihistamine pharmacological action. The active component is alimamazine tartrate.

The drug "Terialzhen". Instructions for use. Indications

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Medication is effective in neurotic-likestates and neuroses of an organic and endogenous nature with a predominance of hypochondriacal, senestopathic, psychovegetative and phobic disorders. The indications include psychoasthenia with psychoasthenic and asthenic disorders, anxious depressive conditions on the basis of vascular and borderline pathologies. The "Teraldzhen" medication is recommended for use in allergic reactions, sleep disorders of a different nature. The drug is prescribed in conditions of anxiety and excitement on the basis of somatic diseases, with somatic pathologies of a psychic nature, and sensostatic depression.


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Medication "Terialzhen" instructions for usedoes not recommend for myasthenia gravis, zakratougolnoy glaucoma, hypersensitivity, renal and hepatic pathology of the severe course. Contraindications include Reye's syndrome, pregnancy, parkinsonism, hypotension. No treatment is prescribed for jaundice, lactation, under the age of seven. It is not recommended to take concomitantly with MAO inhibitors. Caution when prescribing is observed with a predisposition to a delay in urination, epilepsy, chronic alcoholism, obstruction in the cervix, open-angle glaucoma.

Medication Tereralgen. Instructions for use

The medicine is taken inside. The total dosage per day is divided into three or four applications. Adults are prescribed at 5-10 mg / day (as a sleeping pill), 60-80 mg / day (to get an anxiolytic effect). Against the background of psychotic conditions, 0.2-0.4 g / day is recommended. From the age of seven, children are prescribed 2.5-5 mg / day (as sleeping pills), 5-20 mg / day (for the treatment of allergy symptoms), 20-40 mg / day (to obtain an anxiolytic effect). Against the background of psychotic conditions, the dosage can be increased to 60 mg / d.

The drug "Terialzhen". Side effects

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Practice shows good tolerabilitymedicines. Emerging negative reactions, as a rule, are rare and slightly expressed. On the basis of treatment, there can be rapid fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness. These phenomena are characteristic for the initial stage of therapy and rarely require the abolition of the medication. The "Teraldzhen" preparation (instructions for use on this point) can cause paradoxical reactions: irritability, nightmares at night, agitation or anxiety. When therapy is observed tachycardia, lowering of pressure, dizziness, atony of the digestive tract, blurred vision, appetite disorder, dryness in the pharynx and nose. In a number of cases, muscle relaxation, allergy, increases the viscosity in the bronchial secretion.

The drug "Terialzhen". Instructions for use. Price

The cost of the medicine is about two hundred rubles.

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