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The medicine "Papaverin". Instructions for use

The drug "Papaverin" is an antispasmodic. The drug has hypotensive effect. The medicine helps to relax and reduce the tone in the smooth muscles of the internal organs of the digestive system, urogenital and respiratory tract and in the vessels. Large dosages reduce excitability in the heart muscle and slow intracardiac conduction. The drug has a weak effect on the central nervous system. In elevated concentrations, the drug has a sedative effect.

The drug "Papaverin". Instructions for use. Indications

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The drug is recommended for spasm in smoothmuscles of the peritoneum. In particular, renal colic, spastic colitis, pilorospasm, cholecystitis should be included in the indications. The agent is prescribed for spasms in peripheral vessels with endarteritis, in the vessels of the brain. As part of a comprehensive treatment, the "Papaverin" medication is recommended for angina pectoris. Indications include bronchospasm. With premedication, the drug is used as an additional remedy.

Adverse Reactions

Medication "Papaverin" (reviews of doctorsconfirm this) can provoke eosinophilia, increased activity of transaminases in the liver, drowsiness. On the basis of reception there is constipation, atrioventricular blockade, fatigue. The drug causes a decrease in pressure, ventricular extrasystole.

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Drug "Papaverin" instructions for use are notallows for appointment to patients after CCT, who have chronic kidney / liver failure, in children (up to six months) age. Contraindications include insufficiency in the functions of the adrenal glands, supraventricular tachycardia, prostatic hyperplasia. Medication is not recommended in the elderly (due to the likelihood of hyperthermia), hypersensitivity, hypothyroidism.

Means "Papaverin". Instructions

papaverine instructions for use

Tablets are administered orally. The recommended dose is three to four times a day for 40-60 mg. Once allowed, not more than 0.6 gr. For children from half a year to two years 5 mg are prescribed, from 3 to 4 - 5-10 mg, from 7 to 9 - 10-15 mg, from 10 to 12 - 15-20 mg.

The medicine "Papaverin". Instructions for use. additional information

When smoking, there is a decreasevasodilating effect. The drug lowers the anti-Parkinsonian action of the Levodopa, the hypotensive effect of the drug Methyldopa. Strengthening the spasmolytic effects of the drug "Papaverin" (instructions for use contain such data) is noted when barbiturates are taken together. Against the background of complex use with tetracyclic antidepressants, "Reserpine", "Prokainamid", "Quinidine" can increase the hypotensive effect. In case of an overdose of the drug, side reactions are amplified: weakness, sharply reduced pressure, drowsiness, indigestion. It is recommended in such cases treatment for symptoms, with the maintenance of pressure. If there is no therapeutic result, a specialist consultation is required when taking the medication.

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