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Gold earring in antiquity and today

The woman always tried to decorate herself and attractgreater attention to the opposite sex. To do this, used a variety of means, and jewelry - a wonderful combination of enjoyable and useful. It is believed that the gold earring in the ear is an exclusively feminine ornament, but this is not entirely true. To understand this, you need to look into the history of this product.

gold earring
History of one earring

Strange as it may seem, but a gold earring from ancient timeswas considered a purely masculine decoration. At different times and in different parts of the world this product could tell a lot about its owner. For example, in Egypt, one earring in the ear spoke of the high status of a man. In the eastern countries, a silver or gold earring was encrusted with precious stones and again pointed to a high position in society. Copper earring in the ear in Russia meant that you were a serf, but earrings made of precious metal, on the contrary, spoke of the high rank of the one who wears them. And only by the XVI-XVII centuries, this ornament became fully part of the female half of humanity.

Gold earrings in modern times

Today, earrings - perhaps the most popular kindornaments among women. For the fair sex, this is a way to draw attention to your face and even, perhaps, visually fix it any flaws. Jewelers are happy to offer women a huge assortment of gold earrings, suitable for any image, style, mood of their possessor.

gold earrings with pearls
Classification of earrings

Conditionally, all the gold earrings can be divided into groups according to the type of fasteners:

  • earrings-studs (otherwise they are called "carnations");
  • earrings with a hanging element;
  • Classic earrings on an English fastener;
  • earrings on the fastener "loop";
  • earrings-clips.

If we talk about nachi inserts, then the gold earring can be:

  • without insertion;
  • with cubic zirconia;
  • with precious stones (diamonds, emerald, sapphire and ruby);
  • with semiprecious stones (all quartz, organic stones, and also ornamental rocks).

Classic gold earrings and earrings with cubic Zirkonia

This is the most inexpensive option, enjoying a specialpopularity among young people. Ornaments without inserts can be with diamond processing, which gives the product a greater luster. Fianites are increasingly framed in a "diamond cut". This method helps the cubic zirkonia "catch" more rays of light, which provides a magnificent shine decoration.

gold earrings with amethyst
Earrings with semiprecious stones

This group includes such stones as topaz,amethyst, aquamarine, pearl, coral, amber, chrysolite and many, many others. When choosing such ornaments, one should start from his color-type. So, for example, gold earrings with amethyst (stone of lilac color) are more suitable for girls with dark eyes and swarthy skin. The blue topaz will perfectly emphasize the beauty and depth of the gray or blue eyes of the white beauty. But earrings with chrysolite or chrysoprase will be the best friends of the swarthy possessor of green or brown eyes. Gold earrings with pearls (representative of the class of organic stones) are considered the best decoration of the bride. It is white pearls that can emphasize the beauty, tenderness and innocence of any bride.

earrings with a diamond
Jewelry earrings with a diamond

Brilliant - classic of the genre, this stone to faceall. Today, in the windows of jewelry stores, you can often find earrings and other products with diamonds, made in white gold. It so happened that a transparent, cleanest diamond in a white frame looks much better because the stone seems to be much larger than it actually is. However, such jewelry has a very impressive value.

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