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Goldfish in the aquarium - a symbol of comfort and tranquility

goldfish in a round aquarium

How nice after a terribly busy dayrelax, relax body and soul. And when the house has things that contribute to relaxation, it becomes doubly more pleasant. Such an attribute of tranquility and coziness can serve as aquarium fish. Goldfish can be one of the best options. Among all possible inhabitants of the home "mini-ocean", the goldfish is very unpretentious, does not require significant care, and at the same time it lives for a long time, in some cases, up to ten to twelve years. But that she lived for so long, it is necessary to adhere to some elementary rules of its content.

Aquarium Selection

Goldfish in a round aquarium - prettya common phenomenon. Many people, when buying fish, prefer the round aquarium. Yes, it looks very aesthetic and beautiful. But is this really the best choice for the fish themselves? By no means. Unfortunately, in a container of this form it is impossible to recreate a natural natural atmosphere. The goldfish in the aquarium of the round form will not feel comfortable, it will have little space for swimming, and it will be more susceptible to all kinds of poisoning. After all, in such an aquarium to grow plants and install a filtration system is very difficult, and sometimes completely impossible. Therefore, lovers always prefer aquariums of a more classical form. Ideally, the length should be more than twice the height, and the most comfortable volume - 50 liters. Goldfish in an aquarium of this size will feel freedom and freedom.

Equipment for aquarium

aquarium fish goldfish

A goldfish is a living being, thereforerequires a small, but still care. Such care begins with equipment for the aquarium. First of all, you need to take care of the filters. This requires any aquarium fish. Goldfisha more voracious, hence the waste releasesmore. Therefore, the filtration system is an indispensable attribute of an aquarium for a goldfish. It is also necessary to put a special thermometer in the water. Although the goldfish in the aquarium lives in cool water, it is still important sometimes to look at the thermometer and not to allow sudden changes in temperature, as this can adversely affect the health of the fish. Another important subject is the compressor. It saturates the water with oxygen, which is required by the inhabitants of any aquarium. It is also necessary to take care of the timely cleaning of the soil. In this case, a special siphon for the aquarium will be an excellent assistant.

goldfish in the aquarium
Making an aquarium

Many people neglect this point, and their livesa goldfish in an aquarium with an empty bottom. Others try to do everything as they write in books. And someone is guided only by personal preferences, making out an aquarium. But it is still important to adhere to some basic rules. One of them - when choosing plants, soil or decor should take into account the species living in the aquarium fish. Goldfish in the aquarium itself takes up a lot of space, so a variety of jewelry in the form of castles, fortresses will be inappropriate. They will take away the place, which is so necessary for swimming, and sharp edges can injure scales, fins or tail.

Important to remember: a goldfish in a round aquarium will not be able to live long. But, if you do everything right and with love, she will give joy, peace and comfort for many years. And about any depression then there can be no question.

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