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Earrings in the ears of men: which means features and interesting facts

Despite the fact that such an ornament, like earrings,is mostly beautiful half of humanity, pierced male ears have long ceased to amaze and be a sensation. Now these seemingly feminine attributes have become a part of the everyday life of both young boys and age-old macho.

So, earrings in the ears of men - what does this adorn for themselves and for society?

Earrings in the ears of men that means

Men's earrings

Many men who decide to wear earrings do not have full information about what to consider when buying a pair. They do not know how, when and why they should wear them and how they will be different.

Earrings in the ears of men - which means thisan accessory for modern people? First of all, it's a style element. Colorful, playful and cheerful earrings are suitable for a more relaxed atmosphere. Products made of gold, silver or with diamonds - for publication.

what do earrings mean in the ears of men


Since the earring is strongly associated with the female image, they are worn mainly to attract attention. Accessories should emphasize the outfit, but do not become its center.

Earrings in men are rarely appropriate forofficial events. As a rule, parties are best suited. If the form and time were chosen as unsuitable for the case, then this can be a distraction, and not in a positive way.

earring in the ear of a man that means

Number also matters

How many earrings to wear in your ears - it's already a matter of taste. This is a question that is difficult to answer. The reason is that the quantity is determined by your intention.

One earring in the ear of a man that means? As a rule, this is a demonstration of style, for some - power. More than three are already considered a cultural challenge. Wearing more than two earrings, usually means being associated with punks and other similar subcultures.

man earring in left ear that means signs

Great cultural significance

Date of invention of the first earrings is unknown byunderstandable reasons, who invented them and why - is also unknown. Perhaps they were Persians or ancient Egyptians. One thing is for certain, this decoration always had a great cultural significance, including aesthetic.

Earrings are mentioned even in the Old Testament, so thattheir history dates back to ancient times. Representatives of the male part of the population of different ancient tribes are convinced that massive rings in the ears can scare off evil spirits.

what does the earring in the left ear mean


In ancient times, the earrings were predominantlymale decoration. They were popular 7,000 years ago in Ancient Asia. The Egyptians and Assyrians used earrings to indicate that they belonged to a higher class. In ancient Rome, earrings were worn only by slaves, and in Ancient Greece they were adornment of women of easy virtue. Rich Greek and Roman ladies also wore earrings with pearls to show their social status. They wore jewelry with topaz, garnets and sapphires.

Since when do earrings in men's ears? What does it mean when a man wears this ornament? In the Middle Ages in Europe, the wearing of earrings by men was quite popular and did not fall out of style for a long period of time until in the 13th century the Catholic Church prohibited the piercing of ears.

This was done in accordance with the dogma that,that man can not be assimilated to the opposite sex, since the body is created in the image and likeness of God. Only thieves, pirates and representatives of the lower class continued to challenge society.

which means an earring in the left ear of a man

Means for self-expression

In the Middle Ages, the earringsin the ears of men. What does this mean for those who wore them? Thieves used them as a means of self-expression to demonstrate their aversion to society, while peasants pierced the ear of a single boy in the family or child who was born immediately after the death of another child. For pirates, the earring meant a looted ship.

Russian Cossacks also gave this decorationgreat importance. What is the earring in the left ear of a man? It was worn by the sons of one mother, whose husband was killed, in the right ear was wearing the earring the only boy in the family. Two earrings were taken to be worn by one who was the last of his family line. Such people were not allowed to participate in the war so that the clan would not be interrupted.

earring in the ear of a man that means
Choosing the appropriate design

What do earrings mean in men of our time? Not only women wear jewelry or accessories to be beautiful. Currently, men also focus on creating their own style with elements that can enhance their attractiveness and personality.

No matter how I would like to express myindividuality, men's jewelry should not be like women's. In any case, they should be more strict and restrained, simple in their design. Excellent with this task copes with a form such as carnations.

earring in the ear of a man that means

Useful advice for men

  • If you often wear a suit because of the nature of your work, the best choice for you is a small stud earring.
  • If you have white skin, then it is better to wear silverware.
  • Tanned fit gold jewelry.
  • Diamond earrings will suit everyone.

What do earrings mean in 21st century men? Diamond jewelry is one of the items expressing luxury, elegance and, oddly enough, masculinity. The right choice of design accessories should be combined with the style of clothing.

Should I look for a deep meaning?

At the time of the pirates, the seizure of the ship was confirmed by the earring in the man's ear. What does this adornment mean for gypsies? They put on earrings for sons, if they were born after the death of the previous child.

Ancient criminal elements demonstratedhis belonging to the lower strata of society and indifference to the church. Crossing the equator on the ship - that's what the earring in the left ear of the sailor means. With the advent of a hippy culture, these decorations have become an integral part of the image of an exceptional creative personality. Now this has ceased to be relevant, a completely different meaning is being invested in this modern man.

earring in the ear of a man that means

Earring in the left ear what does it mean?

Signs, which could once be calculatedaccessible men include wearing earrings in the right ear. In ancient times, it could be seen from a slave who was engaged in prostitution. Apparently, this also influenced the fact that wearing an earring in the right ear was evidence of a non-traditional orientation after many centuries. Accordingly, the one who pierced the left ear, was, according to the rockers, the right man. Earrings for this social group usually differ in their size and symbolism (crosses, skulls, birds of prey and animals).

The so-called Goths prefer geometricForms in red and black tones. Rappers just adore jewelry with a large diamond. People of creative professions, celebrities and public figures also want to decorate themselves. For young people earring in the ear is a sign of an extraordinary and creative personality.

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